The importance of a blog and of content generation on a corporate website

June 04, 2019
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Content marketing

Generating content for your company’s website is one of the most important and unquestionable strategies in digital marketing.

Did you know that 65% of the content created is difficult to find, has a poor appearance, or is unattractive to your target? Do you think you can move forward with the same strategy?

Unfortunately, many companies create content “because they have to do it,” just to have a blog or to say they are present in all possible channels. However, it is useless to be present on channels that are not optimized. Quite the contrary, it will harm both your brand and your reputation.

As stated by the Content Marketing study in Latin America and Spain, only 15% of companies are outside the potential offered by content marketing. 60% of companies consider the creation of a blog as a priority.

However, to achieve a good content generation for your company’s website, you must create a content culture first. That is, an environment where everyone knows your value.

Some people know that it is possible to earn money with a blog. Others, on the other hand, believe it is the worst means to waste time. However, the greatest difficulty in generating content for your company’s website is to be constant and to create quality content.

Why bet on content generation for your company’s website?

1.- You will improve your positioning in search engines

positionating blog

A blog is one of the tools with more strength to obtain an organic positioning on the Internet.

Do you know why? A blog is linkable content’s best friend. This means it will boost the traffic generated within your website.

This will make the users’ navigation through your company’s web easier. Also, search engines will give more value to the sites that are visited, and you will be able to go up in the ranking.

45% of companies state that their SEO and content marketing strategies are closely linked, and they guarantee better results precisely because of that.

2.- You will increase the traffic you receive from search engines

Generation of content for your company’s website is essential. Consider that the first result will be improving your positioning in search engines, which will give you greater visibility.

As a result, you will be more present for a greater number of people. In fact, it is very likely now that you will be found by your potential audience, those who did not know about your business. The more posts you share (obviously, quality posts), the more opportunities you will have to capture value traffic.

In fact, there are studies that state that companies that have between 51 and 100 posts generate 48% more traffic than companies that only have between 1 and 50 posts. This is so, that brands that have a blog receive 55% more web traffic than those that do not.

3.- It raises the importance that Google gives your site

The number of backlinks, or external links is important for the assessment search engines make of your website. The more backlinks you receive, the better you will position on Google. That is, the Internet giant will understand that your website is relevant, as it is known that nobody will link to a site without value.

From here, search engines build a direct relationship between the number of links a website has and the position given to it within the results of searches.

In addition to analyzing the website’s quality and the number of links it has obtained, we must assess the quality of the website linking us. Google values ​​the quality of both parties. If the site that links you is not well valued by Google, the link will not have the same consistency as it would had if it came from a well-valued quality website.

Focusing on creating valuable content will in time let you be recognized by an important potential audience. The more visibility you gain, the more likely it will be that your content will be shared.

4.- You will generate more leads

Generate more leads

All these benefits will appear in this order. Now it is time to generate leads.

The WebDAM’s graphic shows it clearly. Brands that blog frequently generate 67% more leads than those that do not.

Of course, to get to this, you need to follow a clear, orderly and concise process.

Another study by this marketing professional states that 82% of businesses that share daily content on their blogs, attract customers every day. Do you still think that it is not important to generate content for your company’s website?

5.- It will provide credibility to your company

Although you will also gain authority and professionalism, the generation of content for your company’s website is essential to position yourself as one of the gurus of your area.

You will show passion, knowledge, experience and professionalism on the topics you cover. This will make it much easier for you to create a quality and solid community of people concerned with solving certain issues to which you can provide a solution.

On the other hand, demonstrating that you have a team of experts will be like sharing a quality certificate for your company.

6.- You will humanize your brand

It is essential for your business to be closer to your customers. Simply letting your audience know that there are people behind the screen is essential to strengthen ties.

In this sense, a good generation of content for your company’s website is fundamental, although smaller details are also important. Why not turning to professionals like those at Trust My Paper to come up with unique and adorable content for your website?

7.- You will provide added value to your website

Generating content for your company’s website is the key that will differentiate you. Keep in mind that when you create content yourself by selecting topics of interest, you will be able to create unique pieces.

Your audience will know they will be able to find differentiated information they can use to solve their doubts if they come to you.

8.- You will improve your reputation

As we already mentioned in point 6, a blog, as a communication channel, will allow you to humanize your brand. The most immediate consequence will be reflected on your business’ reputation.

A good content management is increasingly important, as it is communication between companies and customers using different channels.

The more “voice” you have on the platforms in which you are present and the better you answer the doubts of your target, the better your reputation will be.

9.- You will promote your clients loyalty

You might have noticed that promoting loyalty from your blog’s readers is one of the most complex tasks for any content creator. You can use different kinds of content that are ideal to attract visits to your blog, but that does not mean that you will be generating special links between you and the user that reaches your blog.

What you need is for that those visitors to stay, and to know how to build loyalty, in addition to generating content that attracts them, it is interesting that you consider more factors related to your content.

10.- Generate participation

Generating content for your company’s website is essential to generate engagement with your audience. Although the best thing that can come from this engagement will always be the feedback you can get from the users.

The creation of surveys, contests or subscriptions to exclusive content will help you create powerful interaction traffic.

Keep in mind that you will have managed to create loyalty from your audience and, on top of that, they will be open to interact with you. Use this opportunity to ask what could be improved and what should be changed. No one is going to advise you better than a customer that is loyal and committed to your brand.

11.- Authenticity and differentiation

There are many companies nowadays, and most of them have presence on the Internet, either with social network profiles or with a blog. However, very few use the blog as a marketing tool to help them grow their business.

Why do not you give your blog that professional touch and execute different strategies with content? Make fun of your competition and be different.

12.- You can monetize your blog

A sponsored post is an article a blogger writes for a brand in exchange of an amount of money. Therefore, it obviously is a content strategy on the part of brands.

One of the factors that attracts bloggers the most is the possibility of collaborating with brands, of trying different products for free. In this sense, monetizing your blog’s content is a very attractive offer. However, it is not easy. There are hundreds of people like you who also want to earn money from their hobby. Do you know how to differentiate yourself?

Coobis offers you a variety of services and ideas to monetize a blog. This is a platform created for media on all topics to be able to generate income by writing and publishing content, as well as by broadcasting them on social networks.
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