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    How can Antevenio help you reach your target audience with authentic content published directly by influencers?

    • We help you identify the influencers that fit your needs and your brand
    • We help you prepare a brief that will appeal to influencers and audience alike
    • We help you obtain more mentions and inbound links to your brand and content
    • We have direct relationships with thousands of Influencers
    • We own and manage a marketplace that includes over 10,000 bloggers/influencers worldwide
    Imagine that, as a marketer, you have three choices:

    (A) Buying and producing ads, on a highly influential site, that convey how great your product or service is (which then links to your website)
    (B) Writing an article on your corporate blog, then promoting and linking to it on a highly influential site through a native ad
    (C) Having the influential site write and publish a positive article about your product/service (which then links to your website)

    • Assuming there is no substantial cost difference, which option would you chose?
      Option A and B are clearly recognized by potential customers as paid ads. Good creatives that are well targeted can affect how our potential customers behave, but there is no doubt that customer reviews that are not interpreted as paid ads have a much stronger impact on behavior.

    Our company offers services to advertisers that want to take advantage of the influential power of customer reviews. We can help you identify the influencers, blogs and sites that fit your communication requirements and we take care of the creation and distribution of your content on hundreds of blogs, sites and social profiles. We handle all the production, coordination, payments and analytics with the aim of ensuring your inbound KPIs are met.


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