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Wish you had an ESP that ensured unmatched email delivery and marketing automation for email, SMS messaging and programmatic?

  • Antevenio provides email marketing and cross channel marketing services through its proprietary SAAS platform, MDirector
  • We provide expert advice, consultancy and technology that will ensure unmatched in-boxing rates
  • Antevenio has established relationships with leading email marketing providers worldwide
  • Automation capabilities that go beyond email to include text messaging and programmatic
  • Integration with all leading CRM, CMS, and E-Commerce Platforms
Email marketing is still one of the most efficient tactics that brands can use to reach and engage their target audience. Personalized emails to a client list yield an average of 4300% return on investment according to the data published by the Direct Marketing Association in their Statistical Fact Book. No other marketing channel can compete with these ROI rates.
Email marketing has evolved greatly in the past few years by moving towards automation and integration. Our proprietary solution, MDirector, allows marketers to automate their sales cycle by combining Email and SMS Marketing Automation. Marketers can use our state of the art SaaS platform to easily program drip campaigns, which automatically combine email and mobile SMS messages to individuals on a set schedule, based on customer behavior. Automatized campaigns enable brands to create automatic touch points with customers, nurture leads and drive repeat purchases.
Brands frequently use automation capabilities to trigger certain email or SMS messages when a customer or potential customer takes a specific action. For example, if the customer in your CRM has not requested a quote for a service after 12 months, an automatic series of emails will be generated attempting to re-activate the account.
Today, “inboxing” is the prevalent nemesis of email marketing. The proliferation of SPAM and “unhealthy” email practices has hardened the policies for in-boxing in the main email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc…) making delivery challenging even for legitimate emailers. Antevenio can provide top-tier in-boxing rates to legitimate email marketers through a combination of services that include best practice consultancy, ESP relationship management, white listing certification, and delivery enhanced technology.


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