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The best tips for positioning a site

Is your website not getting visits? Or, at least, not the ones you would like? You may need some advice to position a site that will help you appear within the first results of search engines. If you follow it,…

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Digital marketing habits

20 habits of digital marketing leaders

The success of many strategies is based on developing good digital marketing habits, which is something usual for the main leaders of the sector. They are the people who devise and develop strategies in a very short time, who have…

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5 reasons why you should bet on marketing via chatbots

As digital marketing trends  for this new year point out, chatbots are about to change the way we communicate. They have already started doing it and this is not something new, but we have given it another use only now. Do you…

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5 examples of lead nurturing

Lead nurturing or lead growth is a strategy that consists on establishing a relationship with the customers, providing them the content they demand at all times. The goal of this marketing strategy is to establish a relationship of trust with the…

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12 tips to create video content that converts

Did you know that the play button is the most compelling call to action for any digital marketing strategy? That explains the need for marketing managers to create video content that earns conversions. The data supports the power of this audiovisual…

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Types of contents and how the brain processes them

Do you know what types of content are the correct ones for your digital marketing strategies? Texts, videos, infographics, images… there are many types of content to choose from. In fact, based on the platform or medium in which you…

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Guide to Facebook’s advertising formats

Are you up to date with Facebook’s advertising formats? Google’s most direct competition is constantly updating and building new tools and features. If we considering that the social network is one of the first options when looking for data around…

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How to create a YouTube channel: a practical guide

Creating a YouTube channel has been one of the steps that many marketing managers have dared to give in 2018. This is especially important if we take into account the data that supports its potential, which points out that video…

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Ads on Instagram

18 strategies to exploit Instagram’s ads

Taking advantage of the potential of Instagram’s ads is a must for any brand today. One of the essential factors of the audiovisual era is to share everything. Social networks are here to stay and they have a very successful…

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6 reasons why Google may penalize your website

When Google does not place your website as high as you expect, you might wonder what are your doing wrong. Knowing what you are doing wrong in order to fix it and obtain a good result in Google’s web positioning…

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