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How to hang an app on the APP Store

Apple Store is a distribution channel for apps for iOS apps of iPhone and iPad. Currently, it has more than two million apps. And every day more than 3,000 new apps are uploaded. The process to put an app in…

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5 ways to speed up the loading speed of your web page

The loading speed of a web is one of the crucial aspects nowadays for factors as important as the positioning in search engines. If a company shows a web page that takes a long time to load, it has a…

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What is Google Analytics and how does it work

What is not measured can not be improved. That is why it is essential that, in an environment in which everything leaves its mark, you use the appropriate analysis tools. This is where Google Analytics comes into play. It is…

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Instagram location & hashtag stories

Instagram stories haven´t stopped growing since it was launched. The tool that is said to be a Snapchat copy continues to be updated and includes brand new features. What helps brands gain visibility Do you need your stories to be…

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What is kaizen methodology?

The kaizen methodology is a famous Japanese production system that made brands like Toyota, Sling or Sony revolutionize their industries. In fact, if you know you know what makes this remarkable system is its philosophy of continuous improvement. That is,…

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What are UTM codes and their purpose?  Guide

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but every day, there are more URL incorporating UTM codes. Their function is to help keep track of and analyze the users. With these codes, you’ll be able to know all there is about the traffic…

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10 tips to rank your Facebook Fan Page

Rank a Fan Page in Facebook is one of the Community Manager’s priorities, from all the top brands. Social media growth isn’t slowing down. That’s why, with all the advancements and novelties, and how the users interact with them, it’s…

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The 7 best platforms to send emails and newsletters

Using platforms to send emails today is essential for any business. Email marketing is a channel that has proven its power and effectiveness. In fact, the main studies indicate that with emailing campaigns you can obtain an ROI higher than…

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25 Marketing Definitions

We can not speak of one, but of multiple definitions of marketing to point out everything that this concept supposes. Marketing has different meanings. Which does not indicate that it is not known what it really is or what it…

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