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    Do you want to reach targeted audiences with video ads in brand-safe environments throughout Europe and America?

    • Buy ad space on mobile, desktop, and Smart TVs across Europe and America
    • We are committed to showing your ads in brand-safe environments, providing quality inventory and relevant content
    • We offer purchasing options on our Premium Exclusive network, and brand-safe programmatic buys on private networks
    • All available formats: In-stream videos (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and True View ads), outstream video (in-banner videos), etc…
    • Clear campaign metrics: viewability, reach, target audience and ad performance
    Advertising with video is a powerful way to generate an emotional connection between your potential customer and your brand. Video lets you create stories that, combined with music and other audio, can generate enduring memories for your customers. For over half a century, television held the monopoly of video and other ad spots, dominated mostly by brands with the heftiest budgets and the broadest targets.

    Today, almost any brand can advertise with video..

    Low-cost digital video production and marketplaces have democratized brands´ access to video ads. Targeting capabilities on mobile, desktop and even Smart TVs have made video advertising profitable even for niche brands in the B2B marketspace.

    Antevenio was born as an exclusive ad rep, and currently still represents hundreds of premium mobile and desktop publishers across Europe. We can offer advertisers video ads on our exclusive network of premium publishers or ads we buy programmatically on trusted partners and via private deals.


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