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    Do you want to reach consumers in a premium, brand-safe environment with high-impact ad formats?

    • Buy high-impact rich media ads on mobile and desktop in Europe and America
    • We offer purchasing options on our Premium Exclusive network, and brand-safe programmatic buys on private networks
    • We offer a large variety of formats: layers, interstitials, expandable banners, page peel, full screen expandable, interscrollers, video layers, adhesion ads, out stream pushdowns, etc …
    • We develop and deliver personalized creative formats on our Premium Exclusive ad network
    Banner blindness is a fast-growing phenomenon that results in users, often unconsciously, ignoring digital display ads. People have become accustomed to the “where” and “how” ads are displayed and have learned to disregard them. To make sure users see our ads, remember them and interact with them, rich media ads are a superlative solution.

    High-impact ad formats — like interstitials, layers, page peels, or video layers — are designed to drive consumer engagement and brand recall.

    By engaging audiences with ads that require them to interact and be proactive, we can deliver experiences that make consumers want to discover more about our products and services.


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