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That is how the company´s name — Antevenio — translates from Latin. And that is precisely the mission of our company: to help brands anticipate how their competitors generate new audiences, databases, achieve their sales goals and keep their existing clients coming back.

At Antevenio, we are specialists in performance and brand marketing. We are well aware of the fact that to adapt ourselves to our constantly changing industry, we must develop our own technological solutions — solutions we have been providing to our clients for the past 20 years.

Antevenio was founded in 1997. It is listed in the Euronext Growth, Paris stock market and has offices in New York, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Bogota.

History of the Company — Key Dates


Pioneer in the interactive Spanish market.

  • I-Networs was born, the first Spanish advertising agency exclusively online.
  • I-Network becomes leader in e-mail marketing.
  • Merger agreement with Centrocom, a company specialized in lead management.
  • Launching of e-mail marketing services (Correo Direct).

Strategic Development.

  • Antevenio becomes the brand and parent company of the group. Developing interactive marketing solutions becomes its first priority.
  • The Group Antevenio acquired Marketing Director, an e-mail marketing tool to deliver e-mail and sms campaign
  • Debut in the NYSE-Alternext Paris stock market.


  • With the adquisition of Webnation, the Group Antevenio extends to Italy.
  • • Adquisition of Shopall, that pioneered market for ecommerce retailers.


  • Antevenio opens first office in Argentina (2009)
  • “Joint-venture” in London for the inauguration of Antevenio UK (2010).


  • Antevenio opens first office in Mexico (2011)
  • With the acquisition of Clash Média enterprise, the Group Antevenio extends to France (2012).


  • Consolidation of the Group Antevenio developed techology through MDirector.
  • International expansion of MDirector, the Technological Division of the Group

Strategic development

  • Group Antevenio acquired Coobis, a Branded Content & Influencer marketing marketplace leader in the spanish market. It’s the second proprietary technology for Antevenio.


  • Group Antevenio acquired React2Media, a Marketing Digital agency based in New York. With this acquisition Group Antevenio extends to the USA.

Strategic development

  • Antevenio acquired Foreseen Media, a specialist esports and gaming agency based in Madrid. Group Antevenio launches its videogames and electronic sports offering in order to provide a complete marketing solution for brands that are looking to establish or strengthen their presence in the rapidly growing world of esports and gaming.


Andrea Monge


Andrea is the Chief Executive Officer of Rebold & Antevenio  (in Europe, USA & LATAM). She is in charge of increasing the Rebold’s activity in the markets where the company operates, as well as growing clients’ portfolios, pushing for the development of new, innovative services, and expanding in new markets.

Andrea, has been working at ispDigital since 2016. Prior to ISPD she worked at the Global Intelligence Department of Havas Media, dedicated to developing and implementing advanced solutions in the fields of business & consumer insights, and strategic planning. Previously, she collaborated with international organizations and NGOs including the United Nations, the American Museum of Natural History and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

Andrea holds an Executive MBA from IESE (Spain), an M.A. in Environmental Studies from New York University, and BSc. from James Cook University (Australia).

Fernando Rodés


Fernando Rodés (Barcelona 1960), is a businessman dedicated to investing and managing companies in the communication industry.

With economics studies, he began his professional career at Manufacturers Hannover Trust (1985-89) and then at Banesto (1989-94) where he was director of business banking. In 1994 he joined Media Planning Group, and was the CEO until 2006. That same year he was appointed CEO of the Havas group in Paris, France such as Antevenio, In-Store Media and Rebold (previously Acceso and Digilant).

He was an advisor to Acciona (2009-2018). He is president of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (CADS) of Catalonia, and founding patron of Fundació Natura, and Fundació Catalunya Cultura. He is a founding partner and chairman of the board of directors of the publishing company of Ara newspaper. He is married, has five children, and lives in Barcelona.

Ruth Blanch

Spain Country Manager and Vice President Europe market

Ruth is the Vice President for Europe of ISPD and Spain Country Manager of Antevenio, responsible for the growth of the business, product development and client portfolio, across countries. Previously she was the International Product Director of Antevenio, in charge of all the products’ improvement and development strategies. She was also responsible for new projects’ implementation both nationally and internationally. Before that she was General Director of Antevenio Spain, where she contributed to the growth in the editing unit, obtaining great results in the fashion, travel, health, employment, NGOs and pets’ vertical portals. Ruth Blanch has more than 20 years of digital business management experience. She has led projects in three of the most important communication groups in Spain: Prisa, Unidad Editorial and Vocento. Ruth graduated in Information Science from the University of Navarra and has a MBA in E-Business from Instituto de Empresa.

Alessandro Volpi

General Manager Antevenio Italy

Frédéric Prigent

General Manager Antevenio France

Rubén Calvo

Corporate Development Director

Lara Julbe

General Manager Antevenio Mexico

Rubén Orta

CTO Group Antevenio

Rafael Gómez-Gayoso

General Manager MDirector

Jesús Pérez

Spain & Latam CFO & consolidation director

Analore García

General Legal Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer Antevenio

Delia Pérez

HR Manager

Marta Sáenz Herrera

Corporate Marketing Manager

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