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That is how the company´s name — Antevenio — translates from Latin. And that is precisely the mission of our company: to help brands anticipate how their competitors generate new audiences, databases, achieve their sales goals and keep their existing clients coming back.

At Antevenio, we are specialists in performance and brand marketing. We are well aware of the fact that to adapt ourselves to our constantly changing industry, we must develop our own technological solutions — solutions we have been providing to our clients for the past 20 years.

Antevenio was founded in 1997. It is listed in the Euronext Growth, Paris stock market and has offices in New York, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Bogota.

History of the Company — Key Dates


Pioneer in the interactive Spanish market.

  • I-Networs was born, the first Spanish advertising agency exclusively online.
  • I-Network becomes leader in e-mail marketing.
  • Merger agreement with Centrocom, a company specialized in lead management.
  • Launching of e-mail marketing services (Correo Direct).

Strategic Development.

  • Antevenio becomes the brand and parent company of the group. Developing interactive marketing solutions becomes its first priority.
  • The Group Antevenio acquired Marketing Director, an e-mail marketing tool to deliver e-mail and sms campaign
  • Debut in the NYSE-Alternext Paris stock market.


  • With the adquisition of Webnation, the Group Antevenio extends to Italy.
  • • Adquisition of Shopall, that pioneered market for ecommerce retailers.


  • Antevenio opens first office in Argentina (2009)
  • “Joint-venture” in London for the inauguration of Antevenio UK (2010).


  • Antevenio opens first office in Mexico (2011)
  • With the acquisition of Clash Média enterprise, the Group Antevenio extends to France (2012).


  • Consolidation of the Group Antevenio developed techology through MDirector.
  • International expansion of MDirector, the Technological Division of the Group


Fernando Gárate


He was the co-founder of Centrocom in 1996, and the following year became General Director of the company. Since Antevenio´s debut, Fernando Gárate has been fully involved in the project by providing his consulting services in the digital marketing sector and helping enterprises grow their business on the internet and optimize their online presence. He has been involved in advertising and graphic designing since 1992 — he even has his own design studio — and has devoted his career to digital media since 1995. He has extensive experience in performance marketing, affiliate marketing, and online marketing.

Pablo Pérez


Bachelor of Economics at Autónoma University of Madrid in 1996. He has extensive experience within the interactive marketing sector and has devoted his career to digital. After he finished his studies, he started working as a financial consultant for Deloitte, and joined Antevenio as Financial Director from 2000 – 2004, when he became General and Finance Director of the company. Pablo maintains strong links with France, where he obtained his Bachelor´s degree at the International School of Paris, and led Antevenio´s debut in the Euronext Growth Paris stock market.

Jesús Mera


A graphic designer with a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Design Art Design at IED, Jesús Mera began his professional career at Antevenio in 2005 as Art Director. He was quickly promoted to Creative Corporate Manager, and in 2011 made qualitative jump to a managerial position, being the main driver of the company´s delegations in Mexico and Argentina. He has extensive knowledge of performance marketing, results marketing and online marketing in general.

Rubén Orta

CTO Group Antevenio

Ruth Blanch

General Manager Antevenio Spain

Rubén Calvo

General Manager Antevenio Go!

Plácido Balmaseda

General Manager Antevenio Rich&Reach

Lara Julbe

General Manager Antevenio Mexico

Jesús Pérez

Spain & Latam CFO & consolidation director

Guillaume Amouyal

General Manager Antevenio France

Analore García

General Legal Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer Antevenio

Massimo Martini

General Manager Antevenio Italy

Delia Pérez

HR Manager

Rafael Gómez-Gayoso

General Manager MDirector

Ana Moreno Buezo

Corporate Marketing Manager

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