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Do you need a platform to compliment your email marketing strategy through SMS Marketing?

  • Shipments through premium routes and local suppliers
  • Send SMS easily and quickly through our mass SMS platform. Upload your contacts, write the SMS and send it
  • Antevenio offers SMS marketing, email marketing, retargeting services and a landing page optimizer through its proprietary platform SaaS MDirector
  • Expertise in consulting and technology
Massive SMS are an incredibly effective way to communicate real-time information or last minute offers that generate direct sales.
The smartphone is the most commonly used personal device, and customers and users read their SMS immediately after receiving them. SMS marketing allows us to send direct messages with unbeatable open rates and conversions when used by experienced marketers.
In addition, thanks to the evolution of smartphones, despite the 160 character limitation of SMS, MDirector’s SMS Marketing platform allows us to include a link in the message itself that links to a web page where the complete information is displayed. In this way, marketing specialists can easily prepare and send rich personalized SMS messages.

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