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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text-only string of information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard disk so that the website can recognise you when you revisit and remember certain information about you.

Most websites you visit will use cookies in order to improve your user experience.

To ensure that you are using this site with full and up-to-date information of how we use cookies please review this policy regularly as any amended policy will be updated on the site. By using this site you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Types of Cookies

Many cookies are designed to give you optimal usage of the web. The following types of cookies could be being used in this website:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that expire at the end of a browser session; that is, when you leave the site. Session cookies allow the website to recognise you as you navigate between pages during a single browser session and allow you to use the website most efficiently. For example, session cookies enable a website to remember that a user has placed items in an online shopping basket..

Persistent cookies: in contrast to session cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your equipment between browsing sessions until expiry or deletion. They therefore enable the website to “recognise” you on your return remember your preferences and tailor services to you.

Advertisement cookies:  This cookies allow us to make advertising more engaging to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers. Some common applications of cookies are to select advertising based on what’s relevant to a user; to improve reporting on campaign performance and to avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.

Session State cookies: Websites often collect information about how users interact with a website. This may include the pages that users visit most often, and whether users get error messages from certain pages. We use these so-called ‘session state cookies’ to help us improve our services, in order to improve our users’ browsing experience.

Third Party Cookies: third-party cookies are placed in your web browser by trusted partners of the websites you visit. A third-party cookie is defined as a cookie from sources other than websites a person has visited. Third-party cookies are frequently placed in your browser by ad networks, which provide advertisers access to small business publishers across the internet and make these small ad-supported businesses possible;  analytics firms, which measure, and therefore help publishers optimize, the performance of websites and advertising; social sharing services, which better enable users to share content; and data management companies, which help advertisers present users with more relevant advertising and helps publishers increase the value of their advertising inventory.

Refusing Cookies on this Site

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, you have the ability to disable cookies if you wish, generally through changing your internet software browsing settings.

To manage your use of cookies there are various resources available to you, for example the “Help” section on your browser may assist you.

As our cookies allow you to access some of our website’s essential features we recommend that you leave cookies enabled, otherwise, if cookies are disabled, it may mean that you experience reduced functionality or will be prevented from using this site altogether.