The 10 most breakthrough technologies that you can already use

January 03, 2019
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The 10 most breakthrough technologies that you can already use

There is no doubt that 2016 was a very decisive year for some of the breakthrough technologies that are being used. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, chatbots… Do not sound like Chinese anymore, right? Even you probably already use some of these technologies in a daily basis.

As with so many things, changes and advances are increasing rapidly. Technological innovations have the power to transform many of the processes that govern our business. With this, the need to seize opportunities that these innovations offer is more than evident.

Definitely, the era of robots is not that it is coming, it is here, and it has come to stay. In fact, rates of innovation and adoption of breakthrough technologies continue to grow.

One thing is certain. Regardless in what sector you work and whatever your job is, you need to be aware of the potential of breakthrough technologies. You will never know when the time comes when you need to apply them.

10 breakthrough technologies for this year

The disruption concept is applied very often today. It refers to technology that creates new markets, giving a totally unexpected turn to the previous market or changing it completely.

The most notable examples are the emergence of agriculture to put aside harvesting, livestock against hunting or mobile phone use against landline. All these innovations left behind previous markets, but now we are also going through considerable changes that need highlighting.

1.- 3D Printing

What if you could create something by simply using a home printer? Food, objects, cars … You may find it hard to imagine, but it is already happening.

Right now somewhere in the world they are printing furniture, transportation, clothing, games, food or even space stations. But have you ever imagined that such breakthrough technologies could be applied to glass, metal, concrete or ice?

United States, Europe and China are the three places with the increased adoption of 3D printers in the world. In fact, as shown by the Forbes estimates, the industry 3D printing will grow by 133% in three years.

Therefore, you will be a spectator and contemplate how commercial activity, freight business or manufacture of products on a large scale go into the hands of printers. One advantage of these types of breakthrough technologies is that it will help reduce some of the human activities that are causing climate change.

2.- Blockchain improves security, privacy and data transport

Blockchain is a shared database that works as a book for the registration of purchase-sale operations or other transaction.

They are currently used for digital currencies like Bitcoin. Future global economy will be based on block chain transactions and certain third-party organizations may no longer be necessary.

Blockchain consists of a set of notes that are in a shared online data base in which codes are recorded by operations, amounts, dates and participants. Its strong point is that it presents advantages in security against tampering and fraud.

3.- Robots

Robotics is one of the most powerful innovations when talking about breakthrough technologies. Currently there are robots that can perform tasks thought were impossible to automate. People already begun to make use of robotic surgical systems, robotic prostheses, and nanorobotics, for example.

Automation of industrial jobs is a trend that, according to the study The Risk of Automation for Jobs in OECD Countries, Threatens 12% of jobs in Spain. Other analysis date at 43% the number of jobs that can be destroyed to be performed by robots.

So now, it deserves its place among the most breakthrough technologies of the XXI century. In fact, this is the year in which science fiction will become reality. Robots are already in business and have begun to be used for a growing range of jobs that go beyond the production line.

With investment in advanced robotics on the rise, we have a scenario in which social robots that can read emotions and even speak will gradually emerge.

4.- Advanced Virtual Reality

Virtual reality already exists at a commercial level. However, it may be even more advanced if used to help people improve their memories or even his mental stability. Companies like Void and Virtalis are already experimenting to bring this technology to another level and expand into new dimensions.

As you can see, virtual reality is one of the most breakthrough technologies will give something to talk about on the uses being given. Definitely, it is time for brands to consider this technology into their digital marketing strategies to increase both sales and productivity.

5.- Space Colonization

Currently only a few highly trained and selected astronauts have had the opportunity to go into space. However, it is estimated that in the XXII Century the human population in space could exceed a billion people.

Space colonization is one of the projects that can be achieved thanks to several breakthrough technologies. In fact, this human progress already exists in projects such as the International Space Station.

NASA has also presented several projects of space colonization as the National Space Society and the International Space Development Conference.

In addition, there are many private companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and Stratolaunch Systems working in space tourism and colonization. These companies are funded to invent breakthrough technologies that look in to the future.

6.- Internet of things

The internet of things refers to identifiable objects and virtual representations on the Internet. Equipping all objects with machine-readable identifiers could dramatically change our lives.

Such devices could be used in health, mining or production. In terms of marketing, the progressive incorporation of this technology into our lives can make things change. The approach would focus on designing digital marketing strategies that target not so much people but objects.

For example, if the refrigerator decides when to buy milk it might be interesting to create marketing campaigns with bots that indicate the properties, or simply adapt the price depending on the stock available.

7.- Cloud Computing

One of the most powerful breakthrough technologies is cloud computing. This technology allows us to enjoy a variety of tools to manage content or measure KPIs from any device with Internet access. All this in a simple and transparent manner.

It is the case of Paas Cloud Foundry from Pivotal, Open Source platform native in the cloud. This allows you to exploit the potential of Big Data to deliver high-value services through the development of micro services. It is equipped with tools that enable rapid creation of business applications and a variety of cloud services.

8.- Artificial intelligence, chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most breakthrough technologies booming in recent times. Did you ever think that an assistant cloud-based voice called Alexa would change the world? What do you think of Siri? Perhaps you have already begun to use Sherpa on your Android terminal.

Digital assistants are trying to accomplish the same as chatbots: to understand human language to improve the user experience.

They are changing the way we communicate. In fact, as pointed out a report of Gartner, in 2020 more than 85% of communications between customers and brands will take place without human intervention.

The chatbots seek to improve consumer experience, thus affecting entirely in the field of customer service. Undoubtedly, breakthrough technologies such as chatbots represent a total shift in communication and how to treat customers.

9.- Automatic cars and drones

This technology includes automated drones and cars. It refers to unmanned vehicles or drones that could operate and automatically drive in many situations. Using for this purpose, advanced sensors and communications systems machines.

Drones are a type of robot, but provide a specificity that should be recognized separately. Surely, you have heard of test Amazon carried out to make their deliveries with drones. This is just one of the uses of the technologies that will change the way we do marketing today.

Beyond own logistics of electronic commerce tasks, drones open up new ways to generate content from places so far unthinkable.

For example, in the field of agriculture, drones are changing many things. Note that the main interest for a farmer is the ability to see different parts of the field that cannot always be accessed. The cameras are today responsible for gathering the information that the human eye does not see. Therefore, for this sector drones have become one of the breakthrough technologies of the moment.

10.- Flying Cars

If you consider automatic cars like a topic of the future, you will consider this point even more. Uber is one of the protagonists in this revolution.

Uber flying vehicles will be electrical and with vertical takeoff. They are designed to relieve traffic in large cities. So nothing better than reach the skies to avoid cars.

Uber plans are clear:

  1. First car sharing. Something that already tested with UberPool.
  2. Then the driverless car.
  3. And finally, the flying car. When you open the application, the Air Uber option appears, it is estimated that the first places to begin operations are Dubai and Dallas in 2020.

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