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November 01, 2018
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Instagram stories haven´t stopped growing since it was launched. The tool that is said to be a Snapchat copy continues to be updated and includes brand new features. What helps brands gain visibility

Do you need your stories to be seen by more people? Do you want to attract potential customers by Instagram stories? One of the best ways to create ads is using Instagram stories. A photos or videos app that is only available for 24 hours.

This expiration is what made many marketing people do not end up seeing their potential. But, digital marketing trends for this year pointed out that the expired content was going to be one of the main stars of the sector. In fact, these contents are vital to generate more attention from users.

It may be that investing in something that has such a short life seems like a wrong use of resources that are necessary and finite. But keep in mind that Snapchat users confessed in their day that 60% of the reasons why they saw each story shared was to not miss anything. And with Instagram stories, it occurs the same.

That compromise doesn´t occur on other platforms. One of the latest challenges of the app has been to include the location and the hashtags in the stories. So if you thought that the expired content didn´t have much to take advantage on, consider carefully what these add-ons can do for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Why is location important in Instagram Stories?

You’ll be surprised how many people use Instagram to search for local businesses. Even though there are still no statistics available that show the number of searches, there are a lot of stories about businesses. And the most curious users find them quickly. The result was unconsciously pushing sales.

Instagram stories location is very common in companies such as restaurants, shops and other local businesses that have a high impact on the leisure sector. Until now other apps were used to find where to eat but the Instagram stories are changed the game rules.

Just access in the Instagram search engine “pizza + the name of the city you are in” and you can find a list of restaurants that serve pizza. And besides finding where they are, also you can see the pictures that people have been uploading in those locations.

Content filtered by location

In addition to being able to enjoy the photos and videos that users have uploaded to their profiles, you´ll have access to the stories so easily.

For example, if you search for “La Maquinista“, a famous shopping mall in Barcelona, ​​you will see a screen like the one in the picture above. The icon of the story is the circle with the ring of Instagram colors that appears at the top of the search.

The moment you click on it, you´ll have access all the stories in the public accounts associated with that location tag.

Instagram stories bet on the suggested locations

Beyond the specific searches, Instagram stories location also has features to show you. Open Explore page of your app and you’ll see how Instagram also shows you the content you’ve determined that you’re interested in. Both in video or photo.

However, if you look at the top, you´ll also see some live videos and stories near to your location. As you can see in the image, the suggestion is in San Diego. By clicking, you´ll have access to all public content located in that area, even if the location histories are not explicitly labeled “San Diego”.

In this way, users have access to shops, tourist sites, restaurants or everything around them in a simple way.

This function starts to seem more attractive to your marketing strategies. Primarily because it´ll provide visibility to potential clients that use this platform.

Also, depending on how popular the location is, you´ll have some chances to appear. For example, imagine that you have a restaurant in Madrid and you work with this label. If you do it during the Worldpride days, could be probably go completely unnoticed by the number of stories that will be uploaded.

However, if you choose the date well and there are a few stories you´ll have more opportunities to stand out. And what better than to gain the attention of the audience?

How to include a location tag in Instagram stories?

In the first place, you must start a story. Go to Instagram’s main feed and click on the round symbol that indicates your story at the top of the screen. Another way to do it is by pressing the symbol of the photo camera that is right above your story.

As you know, you can take a picture or record a video. Of course, it´s nothing new, there are those who still don´t know that images and videos of the reel of the last 24 hours can also be shared. All you have to do is slide the story screen up and the available content will appear.

Once you have chosen the type of content you want to share, add the tag. Press the smiley tab on the top right of the screen and a series of options will be displayed. You just have to choose the “Place” and add the location.

Then, you can take a look at the nearest or most popular locations to choose and pick up one. When you´ve uploaded the story with the tag, anyone who is looking for information near that place will be able to access your content.

What are the Instagram hashtags stories

If your business has a strong point in the location or that develop online strategies, you´ll be able to find hashtags are very useful. they are quite crucial to obtain visibility, regardless of the type of hashtag you use: From some related to your sector to those that refer to specific themes or styles.

Hashtag searches, like the location tabs, can result in obtaining a large gallery associated with one particular topic. And, of course, the moment you include hashtags in your stories, they become more visible and show up in search results.

In fact, if there are stories related to the hashtag that a user has searched, the top round icon with the ring with Instagram colors will be displayed again. And so you´ll have access to all the other stories of public profiles that have referred to the same hashtag.

The hashtags, pillars of social networks

Hashtags are one of the most common tools when searching for content. Whether on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. That’s why, if you launch campaigns with personalized hashtags, Instagram stories is the best option to make them known.

The use of more specific and targeted hashtags will help you gain greater visibility. Especially if you compare it with the fact of joining a too popular hashtag. And this last will have a lot of content to display, so highlighting is more complicated. The exposure you earn will help you both gain followers and get traffic and sales.

How to include hashtags in Instagram Stories?

There are two simple ways to include hashtags. The election of one or another will depend on the image you want to give to the content of your story. Especially considering that in more than one occasion you´ll need to add more than one.

1.- Sticker form

Much like the inclusion of location “stickers”, hashtags can also be included with the same format. When you have determined what content to upload to your story, you must click on the smiley tab and choose the “#Hashtag” option.

The keyboard will open and as you are writing you´ll notice how the app recommends some words to you. These are the most popular or most commonly used. Then you can customize the hashtag as you want since you can move the sticker, rotate it, and change the size and color.

2.- Hashtags from the text function

Another way that many users also use is to include hashtags from the text itself, without stickers. You only have to click on the “Aa” icon and start typing. As in the previous option, the app will suggest several words.

How to see the hashtag of a story

Once you’ve uploaded an Instagram story with a hashtag, anyone who sees your story can click on it to see what search results exist for that word. As you can see in the image above, all you have to do is click on the hashtag and a new results screen will open.

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