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Guide to Facebook’s advertising formats

Are you up to date with Facebook’s advertising formats? Google’s most direct competition is constantly updating and building new tools and features. If we considering that the social network is one of the first options when looking for data around…

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Ads on Instagram

18 strategies to exploit Instagram’s ads

Taking advantage of the potential of Instagram’s ads is a must for any brand today. One of the essential factors of the audiovisual era is to share everything. Social networks are here to stay and they have a very successful…

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Instagram for businesses tutorial

Do you have a content plan for social networks but you have not included Instagram for businesses within your strategy? Instagram’s more than 800 million active users each month avail the influence this tool can have for your brand. With…

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How to get more followers on Facebook

In order to achieve success on Facebook, you need a committed community. If you do not have enough followers, it will be as if there was no one to watch or read your content, and creating brand awareness and increasing…

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Instagram location & hashtag stories

Instagram stories haven´t stopped growing since it was launched. The tool that is said to be a Snapchat copy continues to be updated and includes brand new features. What helps brands gain visibility Do you need your stories to be…

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10 tips to rank your Facebook Fan Page

Rank a Fan Page in Facebook is one of the Community Manager’s priorities, from all the top brands. Social media growth isn’t slowing down. That’s why, with all the advancements and novelties, and how the users interact with them, it’s…

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Is it worth it to buy real Fans and Likes for Facebook?

It seems that the hunger to create a community on social networks is insatiable. And even more when you see that your most direct competition has thousands of followers and you must settle for a couple hundred. This situation has…

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A brief history of social networks

Talking about the history of social networks may seem a bit far-fetched at first since they look like a relatively new phenomenon. However, in a few decades, the evolution of social networks has been such that they have modified the…

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crisis in mismanaged social networks

7 examples of crisis in mismanaged social networks

The proliferation of social networks and its impressive adoption in the day to day of many users have caused some problems to arise in the brand-user relationship. Most of these problems are solved with a correct intervention. However, crises can…

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