25 issues of creative email

August 07, 2018
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25 issues of creative email

I am sure that you receive several emails in your inbox every day. Coupons, discounts, news … there are many and varied messages by email we receive daily. However, as many users, you probably do not open a high percentage of these emails. This situation is what most brands face when creating an email campaign. One of the great secrets for users to open email messages that are hidden in email creative issues. However, this is something that is not easy to reach.

The subject of an email is the first contact that the user will have with your emailing campaign. If the matter is nondescript, the user does not open the message. Generally, when a user enters their inbox unconsciously make this question “Is it worth reading this email?”

The answer to this question depends on the creativity you use. It is true that there are other elements, such as the sender’s name, which pushes the user to open the message or not. But the subject line is the most decisive factor.

Therefore, you must ensure that you create email creative topics . To inspire you and you have a base for help,  we analyzed 25 different types of issues that can turn creative email in your email marketing campaign success.

25 issues that make email marketing effective

1.-The issue should be the main call to action

If the email already has a specific goal, why not tell from the beginning? Most important of an email is the call to action. Therefore, if you let yourself clear on the matter that call to action will have more chances that the user opens the message and meet your goal.

Example: Buy seasonal fruits. We have the best deal.

2.-Includes numbers

All statistics show that the use of numbers in the subject lines lead to an increase in the rate of openings. In fact, the numbers help set the scan we do when we read headlines and help users more specific message with image.

Example: Get a trip to Italy for just 99 euros.

3.-Create sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency is a technique that never fails. This strategy makes the user immediately open the message and thus avoid the user to leave the message for later because if so, you probably never open it. Therefore, try to create a need for action at the time you receive the message.

Example: Today Ends: Take 20% off your entire order.

4.-Short Affairs

Generally, the brief and concise major issue is the probability that you will be open. It is said that the ideal number of characters is a matter not exceeding 50 characters, but only the first 20 characters who truly make the difference. Likewise, try to use a simple and plain language.

Example: Renew your subscription now.

5.-Customize matters

Customize the subject using for example the user name is a very useful strategy and a very good way to make the user from reading the message. In fact, some companies sometimes forget that they are writing for human beings, and create issues outlined as if the recipient was a machine.

Example: Pedro, you’ll love this offer.

6.-Think of vitalizing in social networks

Many users are encouraged to share content such as emails in their social networking profiles. Today, social networks are making that messages are increasingly condensed. A clear example is Twitter for example. Therefore, always try to condense the affairs and always think of the viralization social platforms.

Example: 5 places you can not miss this spring.

7.-Inform what you are going to offer

Tries to generate expectation what the user can  found if you decide to open the message. However, always keep in mind that you have to be realistic expectations, therefore never write something that has nothing to do with what is in the message,  this will cause the anger of the user.

Example: Know the last time.

8.-Seize the novelty factor

Everything new attracts the user. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to announce something new it is interesting to write in the subject line where you include something new for the subscriber.

Example: The latest news from your friends in Pinterest.

9.-What others have done

Generally, the best guarantee of a company are the customers you’ve had. If you have data from people who have hired your services and have been successful, it shows these cases in the matter. This will increase user confidence in you and be encouraged to open the message.

Example: 3,000 people have already found employment with our offers.

10.-Compose a matter to continue in the email message

Another good strategy when writing business email creative is to start the message in the title and connect it with the rest of the message to complete. Ellipses are an adequate remedy for writing an unfinished title.

Example: The perfect getaway …

11.-Generate trademarks

Although this factor can work with other elements of email as the sender for example, include your trademark on the subject is a good way to get the user to recognize you. If you’re a brand they trust, they will decide to read the message.

Example: Oferplan: new user registration.

12.- Includes some advantage

Another very useful tactics for the user to open the message is to include any advantage or benefit that the user can carry. For example, if you’re doing a special promotion, include it in the matter as it will be incentive enough to capture the attention of the recipient.

Example: Online Only: 25% discount for your friends and family.

13.-Take advantage of special dates

Special dates are moments you should not miss. Anything goes, parties, holidays or birthdays for example. In addition, this will give a human factor that will make users more valued and encourage them to open the message.

Example: Happy Birthday Michael! We have a gift for you.

14.-Play with the minds of users

All humans are curious and this is a feature you should not miss. All you need is to tell someone not to do something, so it does not hesitate to do so. Plays with the minds of users, make them curiosity and feel eager to open your message.

Example: Do not open this message.

15.-Use the surprise factor

The surprise factor can also help a lot to encourage users to open emails. Try to make them see that what you are offering them through the message is unmissable and very interesting.

Example: You will not believe what you are getting in this message.

16.-Shows customer reviews

Shows the positive feedback from existing customers of your company. In fact, users are looking much the opinion of other customers who have already used that they are considering purchasing. Somehow, this builds trust in users and encourages them to open the email.

Example: Discover our customers are saying about X product.

17.-Make see what they are missing

Another interesting way to create email creative issues and encourage users to open emails show is based on what they are missing. This technique usually works with people who have long idle time, for example. It is a good strategy to get them back again.

Example: You’re losing points.

18.-Offer value data

If you have a study of interesting data that the user may interest you fail the lead and shows in the subject you will talk about useful content and that can be very interesting for the recipient.

Example: Know the best sellers this year.

19.-Create a matter of “help”

If you have any company specialized in something, uses that yours wisdom and helps users in trouble or needs they may have. Users looking for a large part of the solutions to their problems online. Get ahead of them and covers those doubts.

Example: Things you should not do if…

20.- Try to generate traffic

If your goal is to get more traffic in physical stores, a good way to achieve that goal is through emails.

Example: Take this message to our shop and win!

21.- Offer ideas

Other major needs of users and especially when dates such as Christmas or Mother’s Day or Father approach, not knowing what to give your loved ones. Meet this need and show it in the title you’re going to help with that task.

Example: 10 gifts with which you will not fail.

22.- Generate a feeling of need

If there is anything, you do not like  is feeling out of a circle and have the feeling of being lost things that are to last at that time. Take advantage of this situation and make matters creative email Based on this technique.

Example: You’re the only one who has not seen this.

23.-Use it for sweepstakes or special offers only through the message

Another strategy that never fails is to use some messages to offer special coupons or sweepstakes offers that only users who have received the email will enjoy. No users hesitate to open a message as well.

Example: In this message you have a discount coupon.

24.-Make users feel unique

Care about contact with users, and always make them feel unique and special. Try to make them feel that you are working for them and the most important thing for you is always your well-being and happiness.

Example: Mary, this offer is just for you.

25.-Avoid using capital letters and special characters

Excessive capitalization, exclamation marks, quotation marks or hyphens for example make the user relate the message as spam and do not open. Therefore, a small use of these items is fine, but without abusing them because otherwise nothing will if the mail ends up in the spam mailbox.

Example: Opportunity flights Barcelona – Madrid.

These are some of the techniques that you must follow to create email creative issues. Do not wait and start using the ones you like. Your email marketing results will improve.

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