Top Ten trending influencers on Instagram

July 31, 2018
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Top Ten trending influencers on Instagram

trending influencers on InstagramTrending influencers on Instagram have gone from being anonymous people to great stars of the digital world. The same turn that the platform itself has made.

What began as a small photo application is now one of the most popular social media with nearly 600 million monthly users. It is indisputable that this app has become the trending app for a vast majority of people. Regardless of whether they are lovers of photography, brands or influencers.

For example, Beyoncé used this resource to announce her latest pregnancy, which became one of the most viral news on the Internet. And like her, many more trending influencers on Instagram have made use of the app to share the most exclusive news.

Who can then put into question that Instagram is not a channel where to create a loyal community?

The best fashion influencers on Instagram are able to inspire millions of followers with selfies, latest season outfits, undeniably flashy landscapes or personal photographs. Making their audiences want to live their lives in a permanent filter.

But above all, the catch is to become a reference and role model for others. Something that, of course, brands already know how to take advantage of. And that in part is endorsed by some platforms that allow managing campaigns with influencers.

But who are the female trending influencers on Instagram that everyone talks about? Does a ranking exist? What is the most powerful top ten of the moment? Forbes already has the top ten of 2017.

The 10 female trending influencers on Instagram

1.- Chiara Ferragni


Chiara Ferragni has gone from being a blogger to having an empire of 11.5 million followers on Instagram. The most successful entrepreneur and worldwide model has been the first to achieve the dizzying figure of 10 million followers on Instagram.

Currently, she shares photographs on Instagram about her styling, her travels and, above all, her private life. And this is precisely what makes her audience to create a stronger, credible and trustworthy bond with her.

But her success is not limited to posting stunning photographs. Her empire has managed to conquer another land and she has launched her first physical store with her own brand.

Ferragni is one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion and business. In fact, due to the success of her first online brand ‘Chiara Ferragni Collection’, the Italian opened her premises in the luxurious Milanese district of Corso Como.

But, where has one of the most prestigious fashion influencers on Instagram come from?

Her success dates back ten years ago with her blog, The blonde salad. In a short time the blog got a large number of visits, and various international brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton or Chanel began to collaborate with her. Currently, she earns more than 15 million dollars.

2.- Danielle Bernstein


Danielle Bernstein is the second one on the Forbes list of the best-known influencers on Instagram. And even if she only has 1.7 million followers, now you will understand why she is managing to create an empire on the platform.

Recently, she confessed in an interview that several brands have paid her from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars for a publication.

However, the creator of We Wore What has clarified more than once in her blog that although they sponsor their photographs, she would never work with brands with wich she didn’t feel identified with. “My business is me. I am very specific when deciding who I work with. I choose my projects very carefully, and I always stay true to my style”.

It is very likely that you also want to run a campaign with fashion influencers on Instagram and you are feeling threatened by these prices. But don’t worry, not every one of them is that expensive.

Some of the approximate global figures for your collaborations with influencers on Instagram are:

  • Up to 5,000 followers (with a high interaction rate): between 100 and 150 euros.
  • Between 15,000 and 50,000 followers: between 300 and 400 euros.
  • More than 100,000 followers: from 1,000 euros.

3.- Gabi Gregg


Gabi Gregg is another of the fashion influencers on Instagram who rose to fame with her blog. In fact, she started creating content on her blog in 2008, but it was not until 2012 when she went viral. Do you know how?

With a post in which she, being a curvy girl, is seen with a striped bikini. Far from assuming any problem, the young woman took advantage of the virality of the moment and has created a collection of swimsuits for all types of bodies.

In addition, in 2017 she launched a line of plus size clothing.

4.- Jenn Im


As you can see, the fashion influencers of fashion on Instagram that have been reviewed so far have come to fame through other channels. In this case, from their blogs.

However, influencers can also be born on other platforms. In fact there are many where you can generate those close links with your fans.

This is the case of Jenn Im, one of YouTube’s best-known fashion vloggers since 2010. Her Clothes Encounters channel has grown exponentially. And not only that.

In 2017, this L.A. resident launched the Eggie clothing line, which sells the most striking looks. Precisely those for what is known, including hoodies and overalls.

5.- Aimee Song


While studying interior design in 2008, Song started a fashion blog called Song of Style. Now you get four million page views per month. Which has allowed her to collaborate with companies like LaCoste and Bloomingdale’s, which allowed her to design a line of bracelets.

She also runs an interior design business, Song of Style Design

But what about the Spanish trending influencers in Instagram?

At international level, these first five influencers are the best known and most powerful of the current panorama. However, you most likely want to create influencer marketing campaigns in a more closed environment. Although that does not mean that the potential will be lower.

6.- Lovely Pepa

lovely pepa

Alexandra Pereira, better known as Lovely Pepa, has become one of the most important Instagram trending influencers on the Spanish scene.

In addition, she is another of the people who managed to move the community from her blog to Instagram. And still, she maintains both channels with more than 1 million followers.

Lovely Pepa has collaborated with countless and prestigious firms in the world of fashion. In fact, over time, the influencer has been working to inspire her community and achieve a clear goal, that everyone feels good about themselves.

7.- Dulceida


She has just surpassed 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Aida Domenech, better known as Dulceida, is one of the trending influencers on Instagram that has grown the most in recent years. Thus becoming an example of own brand creation.

Tous was the first brand that trusted her and one of those that had more prominence when she popped the question and married Alba Paul Ferrer, her wife.

The 28-year-old is also Cluse’s ambassador in Spain and has her own collection of glasses with Miss Hamptons.

She has worked for Dior, Stradivarius, Rimmel London, Revolve, Chanel, Gucci, Krack, Levi’s, Asos, Forever21 and Farfetch. Pull & Bear created a discount code with her name to buy on the web.

And as you can see now in her Instagram profile, EF language school has also signed her up to promote her trips to Australia.

8.- Nina Urgell


With almost 800 thousand followers on Instagram, Nina Urgell has been positioned as one of the best trending influencers on Instagram thanks to her style. The elegance, simplicity and classic style are what best define the young woman.

In addition, she has been the one who has created her style, which is not transmitted only at the time of dressing. In fact she is one of the influencers that have made use of new filters and applications to launch Instagram Stories. Something that others have been copying little by little.

9.- Maria Pombo


María Pombo is 21 years old and has a very powerful impact on 687 thousand people who analyze, examine and judge her through Instagram.

The Madrilenian woman brags about her style every time she has a chance. In fact, her social media profiles have become her best showcase where everyone can admire each one of her looks.

10.– Paula Echevarríapaula echevarria

Even so, she has become one of the great fashion references in the Spanish scene. Many brands, large and small, are striving to make Echevarría advertise their products, but only a few succeed.

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