The best mobile advertising campaigns

November 12, 2019
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Marketing campaigns are increasingly focused on developing strategies that introduce the mobile as a key element of the campaign. But this is not a new trend. It’s been a few years that brands develop strategies focused on the mobile. These are some of the best mobile advertising campaigns.

As this study states, more than half of the total Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. And this figure is only going to increase. Marketing budgets are changing. Increasing resources are being allocated for strategies that include smartphones.

According to eMarketer this year, the mobile will represent 69.9% of all digital advertising. With a share of 33.9% of total advertising spending in the US, mobile devices will become television as the leading advertising medium in the market. And that percentage is expected to grow to a massive 47.9% by 2022.

Given this trend towards mobile devices, a vital skill for digital marketing specialists will be to create compelling mobile marketing campaigns that can attract the public and generate a good ROI.

The best mobile advertising campaigns

The best mobile advertising campaigns include the development of mobile technologies and data sets and precise segmentation that allow creating brilliant ideas for advertising campaigns.

Although it seems that this use of mobile devices is something relatively new, the truth is that some brands have already used it for years. Therefore, you will find different creative campaigns that go from 2013 to today. 

1.- IKEA catalog application

IKEA used the capabilities of mobile devices by creating a mobile app, transforming its catalog into an interactive platform. The possibility of scanning the pages with the form showed additional features of the products.

Also, it allows you to virtually locate certain products in your room by using the camera of the mobiles and superimposing the product. This creative approach obtained 6.2 million installations, is the application of the most downloaded brand. Users spent an average of eight minutes with the app compared to three minutes with just the catalog.

The smartest thing about IKEA’s mobile campaign is that it uses properties unique to mobile devices since the campaign simply would not have worked on the desktop.

But also, it ultimately provides something useful and fun to customers. This way, it does not look like a marketing campaign at all.

2.- The Lenz – Gorillaz App

Another interesting idea to use a mobile application is the example of the Gorillaz band. While promoting their new album, they decided to use the capabilities of mobile technology, augmented reality, and geolocation.

The band that came back after 7 years did it in a big way. The app offers more than 500 virtual locations of “Gorillaz House.” In these “houses“, fans could listen to songs from the new album “Humanz“.

Also, using augmented reality, its application superimposes elements of the music videos of the virtual band in the user’s environment. The user accesses them using the camera of the mobile.

The Gorillaz application connects two worlds: the virtual world, the band, and the real world, to the fans. Each user can see unique materials provided by the group, learn about unknown stories, or experience a concert.

The album promotion campaign received the Golden Lion at the Cannes festival, making it one of the best mobile advertising campaigns.

3.- Daimler Mercedes AMG GT – 50 years of AMG

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign to a large extent depends on reaching the right target group. In June 2017, Selectivv and the LiquidThread agency conducted a campaign that uses Geotrapping® and user data for smartphones and tablets.

The objective of the campaign was to present the history of the Mercedes AMG brand in a modern and unconventional way. As well as make the designed campaign reach men over 35 who lived in cities of more than 100 thousand people and who were interested in cars.

To reach these people, they used geotrapping, a technology that allows the collection of a database of target users based on their location at a given time, using GPS. These data were obtained from the most important automotive events carried out months before the launch of the campaign.

The rich media campaign used full-page formats for mobile devices that contained unique video presenting the history of the AMG brand and its most significant achievements.

Thanks to the use of an innovative solution such as geotrapping, it was possible to reach precisely the group of selected people. Through this campaign, a high level of interaction was achieved. On average, users spent more than 30 seconds watching videos about the brand and historical models of Mercedes AMG cars.

The campaign was nominated for the 2017 Mobile Trends Award in the “Marketing Campaign” category, making it one of the best mobile advertising campaigns.

4.- Mazda

One of the best mobile advertising campaigns that combine the advertising campaign with exciting social action. It was implemented last year by Mazda. The campaign was created to capture the attention of users by appealing to an increasingly common problem. Use your mobile phone while driving. “Do not scroll and drive“, says the campaign.

Advertising was only available on social networks. The ad shows how a car skids and “breaks” the screen of your mobile. The sound of the shock and the imitation of the cracked screen give rise to think about the consequences of the use of smartphones while driving. The objective is to bring a real problem to society.

5.- BBVA Valora View

BBVA Valora view: Is there any housing available in your favorite neighborhood? It is the first banking app that uses augmented reality to search for a flat. You focus on the camera on the house that you like, and you can discover through augmented reality if it is available in Idealista.

You have the option of looking for both purchase and rental apartments. Also, it offers you beneficial information so that you can better evaluate your options. You can see the photos, save to favorites, and even add personal notes. Help make the process of renting or buying a home more comfortable.

6.- Cheapflights

The use of emojis is increasingly widespread. Although its nature is intended for mobile phones, it is not uncommon to use them more and more also in the desktop version. This is one of the best mobile advertising campaigns in terms of creativity.

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, Cheapflights launched the world’s first emoji search function. It allows users to search through their mobiles to insert emojis instead of words. You can use emojis for the origin and destination of your flight.

To build functionality, Cheapflights mapped 40 destinations around the world with favorite emojis based on general partnerships with each goal. For example, users can search using a koala and sushi and get flights from Sydney to Tokyo. Or a Union Jack flag and a bicycle to go from London to Amsterdam.

Samantha Otter, marketing director at Cheapflights, said: “We want the travel search to be as intuitive as possible. Personalization is the future of travel search. This is one more step in that direction. It allows our users to communicate with us in a way that is comfortable for them “.

The search function was combined with a holiday search button that runs on Facebook Messenger. Offer users a real-time search.

7.- Gordon’s Gin

The objective of this campaign was to present a new product of the brand. A canned drink that included tonic and gin.

The campaign was based on Weve’s access to O2 customer data. This allowed them to identify travelers over the age of 18, who were near train stations in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Brighton.

We’ve partnered with Engage Hub to integrate National Rail’s data feed with Weve’s message delivery platform. What this meant was that when an identified customer was 200 meters from a station where trains had been delayed for a certain period, they received a text message.

This message said something like: “If you have time, why not look for your nearest Gordon’s G & T? You have it in …And then they provided the nearest store where the product was available.

The result? Around 20,000 consumers claimed to have bought a Gordon’s as a direct result of the campaign. The timing and location of the message made them more likely to buy.

As another proof of success, the initiative has returned and has been further developed. This time, MullenLowe agency has created #yaydelay. A campaign that will give consumers half-price drinks or free gin and tonics when trains are delayed.

Most of the best mobile advertising campaigns are developed with expert digital marketing agencies in the field. If you are also thinking about working with a digital strategy based on your mobile phone, In Antevenio we can help you. Tell us your idea, and we help you develop it!

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