Ten types of content that create the most engagement

November 19, 2019
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Content marketing is the most effective promotion technique according to the Content Marketing Institute. That is thanks to the contents that create the most engagement. In fact, content marketing is capable of attracting potential clients at a cost that is lower than that of most communication channels, with the only exception of email marketing, which is currently the channel with the highest ROI.

The only problem is that you need to be sure that each piece of content you create will offer real results. For this, you will not only have to work carefully on each piece. You will also have to make sure to design contents that generate the most engagement.

But what are the contents that stand out? Do the contents that generate the most engagement have any shared characteristic?

Objectives of contents

As content marketing is a means of communication that aims at influencing an audience to complete an action, you will need each piece to:

  1. Entertaining content makes your message more attractive to others, not only because it makes it fun to consume. It also makes your brand easier to identify.
  2. This is the content that offers consumers practical information which addresses a problem or concept. In fact, the educational content is related to each brand’s industry. The value, in this case, lies in improving your brand identity by becoming a professional within your niche.
  3. You can show stories showing your brand’s success or failures to create inspiring content. Or you can highlight corporate values ​​in a way that generates emotions.
  4. Start conversations. The more people talk about your brand, the more relevant your brand will become. That is why often the contents that generate the most engagement start by creating a small conversation. It could be as simple as asking your audience a question.

What are the contents that generate the most engagement?

There is something you should keep in mind. There is not one single type of content that will attract all your target audience, as your audience is formed by people with different tastes and needs. Therefore, the impacts will be different for each profile.

What types of content can you put into practice?

1.- Brand stories

The contents that generate the most engagement are those created by marketing professionals who have become great storytellers. With this in mind, they create contents focused on communicating brand stories, for example.

These kinds of stories show your company’s cultural aspects. They are actually an excellent way to show the most human side of a brand. Additionally, they are inspiring, motivating and educational at the same time. And as we have previously mentioned, these three factors are excellent for creating content that is engaging.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that your competition could create its own content to tell its story. In this case, this strategy will provide you with a competitive advantage on the editorial brand side.

One of the best examples to understand content focused on transmitting a brand’s story is the story by Google India. The brand created a piece about a young woman who made it possible for her father to meet his long lost friend with a little help from Google searches. It was a powerful brand message that managed to build and strengthen Google’s online reputation.

2.- Original reports

These kinds of reports generate the most engagement because they are created based on primary data, and they are capable of measuring trends in a particular industry.

That is why it never hurts to carry out your own research to collect relevant data regarding your sector. Once you have done it, you will be able to present all the conclusions together with visual elements, such as graphs and tables. This will make the content easier to understand, and it will also be shared.

Although these reports are one of the most engaging content to present, they are also one of the most complicated to create. However, they can position your brand as a leader in the industry.

3.- Posts in the form of lists

Having your own blog is one of the easiest and most direct ways to connect with your audience. A brand blog allows you to share content whenever you need it or want it. Additionally, this format offers you opportunities to continuously test different types of content and determine which ones are the most engaging.

In this case, posts in the form of lists are one of the preferred ones. It is a format that summarizes the information to make it very easy to understand. And this attracts users. Besides, one of the advantages of lists as content that generates more engagement is the fact that there is no key number you should use to create them. That means that, regardless of the topic they address and how long or short they are, they will always attract the reader’s attention.

On the other hand, they are not only one of the types of content that generates the most engagement, but they also can position themselves very well in search engines such as Google. This is because they answer the users’ specific needs and on many occasions, they include the same keywords used by the users when searching for something.

4.- Memes

A good alternative is to entertain your followers with humorous images and texts. In fact, memes are one of the content that generates the most engagement due to the fact that they show the brand’s personality. 

Memes are part of visual marketing. They are images that offer great probability of being shared. In fact, they are a kind of content with great possibilities of achieving virality.

5.- UGC – User Generated Content

Content created by the brand’s followers generates a truly attractive interaction between the community and the company. Above all, for those who have no issues expressing their feelings and ideas online.

Besides asking for testimonials from your clients, you can ask them to contribute with content generated by themselves on social networks. For example, you can do it using a specific hashtag. Some examples of UGC are:

  • A public comment from a follower.
  • Images or videos created by users. On many occasions, these contents are created based on contests created by the brands.
  • A post, paid or not, from any blogger.
  • Digital reviews of a brand’s services or products.

6.- How-to guides or instruction guides

These educational pieces are one type of content that generate the most engagement. They offer valuable information, step-by-step tutorials, and all kinds of educational content to address a particular issue.

However, this type of content is usually results on extensive posts and, on many occasions, it can be complicated. That is why you should make sure to use different formats, including text and visual elements such as videos or images. One of the most common choices to create this kind of content is creating a YouTube tutorial.

7.- Videos

72% of the companies that incorporate video content in their content marketing strategies increase their conversions. Of that 72%, 76% have confirmed that a video provides a good return on investment. In fact, a study by Unbounce claims that videos increase conversions by 80%.

Many marketers agree that videos are the future of content marketing. All trends point to videos as the format of the future. Did you know that the play button is the most compelling call to action on any digital marketing strategy?  Hence, video is one of the most engaging content.

8.- EBooks

EBooks are another alternative to create content that attracts and generates engagement. If you do it correctly, an eBook can be very attractive and can help you solve your customers’ problems and attract new customers as the same time.

9.- Infographics

Infographics are very popular because they have the brevity that today’s readers are looking for. In an infographic format, you can divide complex content into smaller, easily understandable parts. It is a versatile type of content you can use if you wish to educate, entertain or even inspire your audience.

Presently, infographics are shared on social networks 3 times more than any other format. And they have been considered the B2B content marketing format with the highest growth between 2015 and 2016.

Additionally, there are many tools to create infographics that you can use.

10.- Live videos

Digital Marketing trends in 2019 are clear when it comes to video content. To create content that generates more engagement, you also need to share live videos on social networks. At present, companies use this resource to share interviews and testimonials from clients, behind-the-scenes, etc. All these also build loyalty among the audience.

However, influencers are the great specialists in creating the content that generates the most engagement. Without a doubt, a collaboration with an influencer will get you the results you want without the need to waste time on content creation.

At Antevenio, we identify those influencers who are best suited for your needs and your brand, so that you develop powerful campaigns and share content that will undoubtedly generates engagement. Would you like to give influencer marketing a try?

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