Send bulk emails with Gmail

May 17, 2018
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Send bulk emails with Gmail

Send bulk emails with GmailIf you are reading this is because you have asked yourself how to send bulk emails with Gmail. Although before you do so, is interesting that you know all the options that exist. As well as the advantages and disadvantages that Gmail can provide you.

Probably one of the reasons that led you to opt for Gmail is that it is a free service from Google. Which, among other things, it is financed through related advertising. And, therefore, you as a user do not assume any cost.

Also, creating an email account in Gmail is one of the most straightforward processes that anyone can face. Therefore, it could be said that if you have thought about this server, it probably means saving costs and time. But is it true that cheap ends up being expensive?

How to send bulk emails with Gmail

Sending bulk emails with Gmail is possible to some extent since this service has been created so that everyone can use it. In other words, anyone who does not have a vast Internet knowledge can communicate through email.

However, the act of sending mass emails with Gmail or any other platform is considered a professional activity. Therefore, the ideal is that you use a service that will match what you need. Still, to clarify your ideas it is essential that you know how to make bulk mailings with Gmail. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the left button left that says “Compose.”
  3. Then click on “To.” Then a menu with different options will open. It will then be where you should choose who to send it. To “My contacts” or “All contacts”.
  4. After choosing, click on the “Select all” option and you will see that all contacts have been included in a list. You can delete those that you do not want to receive any message. And after doing so, click on “Select.”
  5. As the last step, you have to type your subject, the message content and send it.

As you can see, the process is very simple. But if you want to send bulk emails with Gmail, it is because you want to reach a high number of users.

What’s Gmail’s real reach?

The limit of emails that a user can send using their Gmail account is checked per day. That means every 24 hours you can send 500 messages. Or send the same email to 500 different addresses.

Therefore, if you are looking to send bulk emails with Gmail, first of all, you should know that you have a limit. Once you reach it, the platform itself will warn you that you cannot send more messages until the next day.

The important thing, in this case, is that you understand that you cannot send 500 emails at 23:45 at night and 00:00 you can send another 500. Between the first shipment and the second one, the 24 hours must be fulfilled. But why?

The answer is very simple. Google does not want any user to have the ability to fill in another’s inbox with spam or unwanted messages. And only for that reason, the amount of emails is limited to 500 messages per day. In fact, Google considers that it is more than enough for a standard user.

But what if your contact list exceeds 500 by far? Sending mass emails with Gmail or any other platform is a decision you make to get close to your contacts. Or to promote yourself and your brand. But everything comes with a price.

Why should you not send mass emails with Gmail?

As you know, Email marketing is one of the most influential tools to attract customers, retain them, generate engagement or create true brand ambassadors. But all this is very difficult to achieve without investing some money. And although sending mass emails with Gmail may seem like a good idea to save costs, in the end, it will limit you.

That is the first drawback. Using webmails, therefore, brings many limitations. And one of them is that those mass mailings that are made from Gmail do not go through the same authentication processes that pass the messages you send from a professional email marketing platform.

In other words: You run the double risk of being classified as a spammer. Still, if you need any more reasons not to send mass emails with Gmail and have a professional email marketing platform, write down the following:

1.- It supposes a lower deliverability

Send bulk emails with Gmail

One of the most significant problems in any email marketing campaign is not that the message is not opened or that the user does not click on your CTA. It is when it doesn’t even reach the recipient’s inbox. And one of the disadvantages of sending mass emails with Gmail is that this part is not covered. The deliverability through this method is surprisingly low.

As you know, it is essential that an email arrives. If not, any email marketing campaign will fail. But you should bear in mind that if the limit is 500 emails, only half are likely to arrive. Also, webmail is not designed or designed for mass mailings. So, probably, it will cost you twice as much work to get, only, that it arrives.

But that is not all. At the low rate of deliverability, you should add that Gmail does not allow you to customize emails. So, does it suit you? The answer is no. The brands that carry out processes and exhaustive analysis to improve the personalization of their emails get twice as many conversions as those that do not.

2.- With Gmail there’s no statistics

Send bulk emails with Gmail

Unlike professional email marketing platforms, Google will not be responsible for studying the impact of your messages. You will not receive reports, statistics or loose data on opening or click rates.

But if you do not have how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, what is the use of implementing them? This is another reason why you should not send mass emails with Gmail, as it will not allow you to measure or move forward.

How else could you improve if not your action plans? Without feedback or indicators that show how your work behaves there will be nothing to do. In fact, these statistics are the only way you have to make sure you’re doing things right. Or of which ones you must change.

3.- You’ll gain a bad reputation

A domain gets a good reputation if it achieves a high percentage of users who open and click on emails. But, on the contrary, the bad reputation is generated at the moment in which the users who receive the emails do not interact with them.

Based on this behavior, score ratings are created. Which are the ones that indicate the quality of the senders and issuers? What is consulted? The ISP and antispam filters. In addition to considering other factors that affect the score as:

  • The frequency of sending.
  • Empty accounts.
  • A user marked you as spam.
  • Spamtraps.

And, as you have seen before, being cataloged as a spammer is the first thing that will happen to you if you choose to send mass emails with Gmail. Because with Gmail there are not as many security measures as with other tools.

The bad reputation, too, could also arise as a result of poor management by webmails of casualties and rebounds. Therefore, in addition to having a bad reputation, you will have a database of poor quality, without segmentation.

What’s the solution?

Developing a mass email campaign is something that should be worked out in detail. Mainly to do it optimally and avoid all problems. Like, for example, being cataloged as a spammer.

The most important thing in the whole process is that you find the best tool for your business. In this case, MDirector is one of the best professional email marketing platforms. Respect the legality, works with quality internet service providers to ensure that your emails are sent, and offers statistics and support that will answer your questions. But above all, it will allow you to make the right decisions to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

MDirector’s mass mailing software supports more than 600,000,000 emails sent per month. Which has nothing to do with sending mass emails with Gmail, which limits you to unsuspected levels. But also, you can take advantage of the following platform features:

  • Gallery of thematic templates for email marketing.
  • Analysis and reports of your shipments.
  • Test A / B to optimize your campaigns.
  • Management of casualties and automatic bounces.
  • Automatic sending of emails.
  • Viralization in social networks of email marketing.
  • Deliverability of your emails, etc.

Professional Email Marketing services

Go ahead and make your first mass mailing campaign. Sign up for a free trial in MDirector and our team of experts in mass email delivery will ensure that your strategy is a success. If you prefer you can request information about our email marketing services here

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