Programmatic marketing keys

August 13, 2019
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Brands understand the value and the keys of programmatic marketing, but they need to find a way to transfer that knowledge to a practical level in their company.

Brands and agencies focus on long-term ROI as a key result. And in the CPC and the percentage of clicks on short-term objectives. However, in programmatic marketing, this results focus must be changed because it limits its potential.

For your programmatic marketing strategy to work as it should, you have to focus on getting an audience and retaining the client. You have to develop key programmatic marketing techniques that can help you get this audience.

Choosing a technology with the right set of tools will allow your brand not to receive a low cost per click, but to reach a relevant and loyal audience.

What is programmatic advertising?

The definition of Ameet Ranadive is one of the best. “At a high level, programmatic marketing is the practice of implementing an automated set of rules to efficiently target your audience and more valued customers with personalized ads.” To understand the keys of programmatic marketing, you need to know what programmatic advertising is:

  • Automation reduces delays induced by a link in the human chain in the process.
  • Efficient targeting will eliminate wasted impressions and clicks. Therefore, it only shows ads to users who have that intention and who are likely to carry out the desired action.
  • Personalization increases the potential for the client to perform the desired action. Showing you the perfect personalized ad based on the data you know about it, you can get it attracted. Also, you should take into account your latest searches on the Internet.

Advantages of programmatic advertising

Although there may be some concerns with fraud in programmatic advertising, the benefits outweigh those problems. Programmatic advertising works continuously to identify and resolve these leaks to further refine marketing specialists’ campaigns.

The following are five main benefits of programmatic advertising that can help you improve any marketing campaign:

  • Target your KPIs more closely: programmatic advertising technology works continuously to improve the performance of your campaign KPIs and increase overall ROI.
  • Profitable: with programmatic advertising, advertisers can adjust CPMs in real time based on the importance of that impression.
  • You will obtain more information about your client and your audience: the technology used for programmatic advertising continuously collects data according to the type of person who interacts with your brand. Use this data and apply them in marketing strategies to increase the overall performance of the campaign.
  • Covering a wider audience: programmatic marketing allows you to reach a broader audience on several websites in a timely and efficient manner.

4 keys of programmatic marketing

More than $ 46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US UU this year. According to the latest eMarketer forecast, about $ 10 billion more than last year. Which means that 82.5% of all US digital display ads. UU will be purchased through automated channels.

Programmatic purchasing and programmatic marketing strategies are the future of digital advertising. Being able to choose which ad will be shown to each user is the first step of almost complete personalization.

The following tips for marketing specialists will help you better understand the keys to programmatic marketing and exploit the potential you bring to brands.

1.- Use multiple Ad Exchanges to reduce costs

With programmatic advertising, brands can use more than one Ad Exchange to create their strategies. And if they do not, it is advisable to do so. Only in this way will they be able to develop omnichannel campaigns that run on multiple platforms to have a higher number of impressions and reach.

By targeting the same user on multiple Ad Exchange, marketers can reduce the cost of the campaign. This means that with the same budget, you can reach almost twice as many people or reach the same amount twice as many times, increasing your brand presence. And consequently improving the result of any marketing campaign.

2.- Brand safety, a problem for your company

For some time now, brands started to listen to or even experience the problems of brand security on platforms as crucial as YouTube. The issue of brand safety is a topic that has been heard a lot lately. Do you know where your programmatic marketing ads are placed?

There will always be some sites where you do not want your ads to appear. The risk of the programmatic purchase is that it is based mainly on the user instead of the content of the site. Hence, your ads may end up on unwanted pages.

However, you can use a blacklist of websites to prevent this from happening. In this list, you can include specific sites where you simply do not want your ads to appear. Although you should keep in mind that websites often change their domains. Therefore, it is better to update that list continually.

Some platforms allow you to exclude whole categories of content, in addition to specific sites. If you have the option to do so, make use of this feature.

If your brand is compassionate, you can do the opposite: include a white list and only determine a set of websites where your ads can be displayed. However, this will limit your ability to reach your audience. And it will increase the cost of buying the spaces.

If you trust the programmatic marketing strategy to third parties, you must be sure that it is executed well. And that your ads are placed on legitimate websites. Be cautious with your ads and ask the brand that you have contracted information about where your ad is showing. Or else, you will damage your brand, and your effort will not have been worth it.

3.- Reach your audience on multiple devices and platforms

One of the keys to programmatic marketing for brands is to identify their audience. When you meet your audience, you can begin the process of converting it into a customer. In more traditional marketing, it was necessary to verify which locations had the highest affinity indexes for the chosen target audience. With programmatic marketing, this is not necessary.

It is possible to reach any user who connects. The main benefit of the scope occurs when you begin to understand the nature of each user. What people do not know the brand, Who is considering the brand and comparing it with others and which customers are the most loyal.

Another key to programmatic marketing is that it allows messages to be segmented and directed for different users. Besides that, you can have different ads for each type of device that is being used. This type of strategy allows working with these groups of users and assigning ads for each stage of the conversion funnel.

4.- The data, the center of your strategy

Use third-party data providers to personalize ads. The scope of programmatic advertising is incredible. But what I like most about this technology is the ability to understand the audience and use specific data for each type of user.

If a brand wants to target its strategy to users who have canceled the subscription they had with them, they can. However, if you want to know which user has visited your website and bought something, you can also find out. This combination of data makes this type of strategy even more enriching.

But the best thing about programmatic marketing is the ability to cross data. It can extract information and pass it to finish understanding certain behaviors. And to be able to offer solutions to these problems. It is easier to follow it through an example.

Play with the data to create perfect ads

It is possible to understand, for example, that a user has just gotten married and that is why he is no longer interested in a specific rate but prefers the family plan of a telephone company. In that sense, you can also know that you have been looking at trips to Kenya, which makes you understand that your honeymoon will be there. He has also been looking at houses in a residential neighborhood, which makes it clear from the data that has been extracted that he will move soon.

All this information helps marketing specialists personalize a message and, if possible, retrieve clients. Instead of merely offering a discount, specific advertisements will be worked on to try to give just the perfect solution for each client. For example, an ad that highlights that this company is ideal for family packs. And also, its coverage works in all countries. A perfect ad for this client but without any sense for another. The key challenge is to understand what data you need and why.

You already know the keys of programmatic marketing. Now it’s time to choose a programmatic advertising buying agency that will help you develop the best strategy for your brand. At Antevenio we can help you with programmatic marketing.

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