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20 fundamental KPIs in digital marketing

Because you will not know what to measure. Nor what values are those that matter and what needs to be achieved. According to its entry in Wikipedia, a KPI (key performance indicator, key performance indicator) “It is a measure of…

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12 tools to create digital content

Each day, you can find more and more tools in the market, to create digital content. Apps to create infographics, to improve your images, professional platforms for landing pages or tools to share documents in a team setting, are some…

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5 great examples of online marketing

One of the best ways to learn in the new digital ecosystem is to look at the campaigns that really stand out; those great examples of online marketing that run by word of mouth and that consequently makes them gain…

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The 10 best tools to create infographics

If you want to create spectacular infographics you will surely have to use some app. The tools to create online infographics are simple to use, include many functions and are usually free. Infographics help to visually show the information you…

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6 best content management systems (CMS)

If you are embarking on an online project, you’re probably looking for the best content management systems (CMS) for your work. In addition, it is no wonder considering that the Open Source content management systems have provided things for many…

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upload an application on Google Play

How to upload an application on Google Play

Currently there are millions of mobile applications that users can download from Google Play or Itunes. In fact, some apps are the star elements of many digital marketing strategies. In this post we will focus on explaining how easy it…

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Differences between CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA and CPI

Unlike advertising in traditional media in which the cost of an ad depends on the size, color and page it is included in, online advertising offers varied cost models tailored to the needs of each campaign. In addition, a display…

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Guerrilla Marketing

5 great examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a concept coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levison in his book Guerrilla Marketing: Secret for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business. Just as it says in this Wikipedia entry, “It is understood by guerilla marketing…

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Internet Teaser Campaigns

5 Examples of Internet Teaser Campaigns

We are all curious by nature. We wish to know what is happening around us and be always up to date with everything. If there is something that makes us curious, we need to know more about it and to…

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creative banner

20 examples of creative banners

Creative banners are one of the basic elements in digital advertising. However, while it’s very useful it also has a very limited time of exposure to the user so it must be something very studied to catch the customer in…

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