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Types of contents and how the brain processes them

Do you know what types of content are the correct ones for your digital marketing strategies? Texts, videos, infographics, images… there are many types of content to choose from. In fact, based on the platform or medium in which you…

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Guide to Facebook’s advertising formats

Are you up to date with Facebook’s advertising formats? Google’s most direct competition is constantly updating and building new tools and features. If we considering that the social network is one of the first options when looking for data around…

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How to create a YouTube channel: a practical guide

Creating a YouTube channel has been one of the steps that many marketing managers have dared to give in 2018. This is especially important if we take into account the data that supports its potential, which points out that video…

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Ads on Instagram

18 strategies to exploit Instagram’s ads

Taking advantage of the potential of Instagram’s ads is a must for any brand today. One of the essential factors of the audiovisual era is to share everything. Social networks are here to stay and they have a very successful…

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6 reasons why Google may penalize your website

When Google does not place your website as high as you expect, you might wonder what are your doing wrong. Knowing what you are doing wrong in order to fix it and obtain a good result in Google’s web positioning…

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Sending SMS with personalized sender

SMS with personalized sender are the ones that make the difference between an average SMS and a professional one, between success and failure, between an opening or being discarded. A sender identifier is a very simple way to add a…

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Instagram feed

How to earn money with Instagram

Last year, Instagram became a real force to consider in the world of marketing. Since January, it has 100 million monthly active users, with a total of 400 million monthly users and 75 million daily users. If you wish to know…

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Sending bulk emails with different and customized attachments

It is possible to send mass emails with different and customized attachments. You only need a good email marketing tool that brings life into your contents and guarantees a good automation service. But what are the steps to follow? Do you…

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Examples of marketing in the online luxury sector

Are you familiar with the best examples of marketing in the online luxury sector from which you can learn from? The luxury sector is a growing are with a very specific buyer persona. In accordance with the latest studies on…

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10 steps to hiring an influencer

“Hiring an influencer is as simple as performing a small search, contacting the influencer, and setting a price.” Are you also among those who believe this process to be that simple? Error. Hiring an influencer to launch various marketing campaigns is…

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