5 Examples of Internet Teaser Campaigns

June 05, 2018
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Internet Teaser CampaignsWe are all curious by nature. We wish to know what is happening around us and be always up to date with everything. If there is something that makes us curious, we need to know more about it and to discover what it is about. It is for this reason that teaser campaigns on the Internet or campaigns that generate curiosity are excellent both to attract new users and to launch new products.

The main objective of a teaser campaign is to cause the user’s curiosity. Most of the time, this kind of campaigns do not reveal the product, but they always show some distinctive characteristic of the brand: typography, colors, style, etc.

Therefore, we can define an Internet teaser campaigns as an advertising fragment often used as a foretaste of a main campaign, and which usually offer minimum information with the aim of playing with the mind and emotions, and thus stimulate the users’ curiosity. It is an ideal tool to generate great expectations.

How do teaser campaigns work?

The good thing about Internet teaser campaigns is that they can be adapted to any kind of communication platform. Social networks are a very popular channel, and also very inexpensive one if you do not have a large budget to launch the campaign.

They are basically great campaigns for new products or services, as they allow you to attract the customer’s attention and invite him or her to try something new. Additionally, if the campaign is a good one and creates a good level of curiosity, it will spread like wildfire among the users.

Steps to create a teaser campaign

When you consider the use of teaser campaigns on the Internet, it is necessary to take the following aspects into consideration:

  1. Novel product:It is always better to use a teaser campaign when you are launching a new product or service. Even so, this is not mandatory, and there are teaser campaigns on the Internet where the product is not the most important thing.
  2. Attractive message:The message you use is the essence of your teaser campaign, as it will attract a large number of people if it manages to arouse their curiosity. Try giving some clue as to what is going to be launched, while not revealing everything in the message as, otherwise, you will kill the users’ curiosity from the beginning. Save the interesting details for the end, but reveal just enough to create interest. The trick is to find the balance, and even though this is difficult most of the time, it is possible to create a great message with time and organization.
  3. Adequate dissemination channels:It is also important to choose through which dissemination media the campaign will be broadcasted. In the past, it was usual to use mass media such as television or papers, supported billboards in many cases by. Nowadays, social networks have become the best ally of Internet teaser campaigns. Most people use some kind of platform, and social networks have the ability to help spread everything easily and at a great speed.
  4. Set a date: The campaign agenda should be well known. You must always establish a date in the advertisement to offer the users’ information regarding when the product, service, or campaign you are advertising will come out. It is important that you do not wait too long, because the curiosity level of the user will decrease if you wait too much time, and they will no longer be interested. A period of one to three weeks is the ideal time. Otherwise, you risk your ad falling into oblivion. Likewise, if you make it available too fast, you may be hurrying too much, and you might ruin the surprise.
  5. Find an interesting name: It is very helpful for the campaign to spread more quickly to name what you are advertising. Always look for a name that is easy to remember. In this way, your campaign will expand more, and it will offer users the option of creating hashtags with its name.
  6. Be active: After having adjusted everything in your campaign, and once you have launched it, be sure to stay active. Check everything the users discuss and measure the impact your ad haves. Summarizing, never abandon your campaign. Always interacts with users and try to arouse even more curiosity. If things do not go as planned, do not give up and abandon the teaser campaign, as it would mean a loss for your brand and it would also exhaust the patience of those users you have already captured. Additionally, you would be generating a bad image of your company.

Examples of Internet teaser campaigns

There are many companies that have used teaser campaigns correctly, achieving their main objective: to create curiosity and expectation among users. Here, we will tell you about five Internet teaser campaigns that made it.

“Uncharted” Videogame

Naughty Dog wanted to develop a viral teaser campaign to introduce its latest Playstation 4 videogame, called Uncharted, for the first time. For this, they developed a video that created excitement among users and they took advantage of the popularity the Playstation 4 already had.

The company opted for something innovative. It put aside traditional video game ads, and created an ad using scenes from the game itself. The announcement is narrated in the first person from the protagonist’s point of view. The protagonist’s voice and the music that accompanies him make the user feel as part of the game. It includes the viewer, letting his/her imagination fly and generating a great deal of curiosity.

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is a music festival held annually in several countries around the world. This year, it has created a teaser campaign announcing that, among other places, the festival will be held in Brazil this year.

The ad uses fantastic images of Brazilian landscapes, and also, scenes from previous festivals, in which you can see multitudes of young people enjoying the experience. During the ad, you can hear a female voice announcing the festival will arrive in the country in October this year, although it specifies that the city in which it will be held has not yet been confirmed.

In the advertisement’s video, the phrase “Coming soon” is used, creating expectation in the user and leaving him curious and wanting to know more about the festival.


Tezenis, along with the singer, model and actress Rita Ora, present a campaign introducing briefly their new collection, which will be launched soon.

The company uses the model’s image to advertise the new collection, and in this case, the exact date of the launch is announced at the end of the video. In this case, RitaOra X Tezenis launched this campaign two weeks before launching their new collection.


In this ad, we can see how Mercedes broke all the molds we got used to, and opted for something completely new. In general, the company chooses ads in which the vehicles they advertise usually appear; but in this case, they leave all the curiosity to the user without showing anything of the car that is the object of the campaign.

Also, the ad shows two young men talking about a car one of them is going to buy. He does not specify anything about the vehicle, but tries to cause envy in his friend saying it is a car nobody has bought yet. In this way, they cause expectations and curiosity in the user, two basic axes of Internet teaser campaigns.


Nike  offers a short ad using as a powerful tool all the familiar faces that can be seen in it. The ad does not provide any direct clue of the product it offers, but the choice of players lets users know it is a product related to soccer.

At the end, the date on which the product will be launched is provided. It is an effective campaign that creates in the user a lot of excitement.

As it has been observed, Internet teaser campaigns are a great tool for any company as they are campaigns that generate interest. They prepare the viewer for the final announcement, which will be launched later. During the time between the campaign and the advertisement itself, they keep the user expectant and they generate a need to know what the company is offering.

After all, it is about the art of provoking people, and if you can provoke them, the campaign can become viral in a short period of time. The real trick of Internet teaser campaigns is a good, clear, simple and provoking message.

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