20 examples of creative banners

May 15, 2018
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creative banner

Creative banners are one of the basic elements in digital advertising. However, while it’s very useful it also has a very limited time of exposure to the user so it must be something very studied to catch the customer in a short time and effectively.

The objective of a banner is basically that the user clicks on it in order to derive traffic to a landing page and get the conversion. However, there are also banners that simply seek to increase the impressions of a web page. In both cases, the ideal is to use creative banners that attract visitors and motivate them to do what they are asked to do.

How to design creative banners

It is not easy to stand out from the huge amount of visual impacts that are launched from any page on the internet. However, effective creative banners always meet the following aspects:

  1. Clear and concrete objectives: As in any digital marketing campaign you should never start working without a specific objective. And in this case, the effectiveness of the banner will come mostly determined by the objective of the campaign. Therefore, you should always try to make it a specific and different objective for each campaign. The objectives can be varied, from publicizing a product to promoting certain services or generating more traffic on the web.
  2. Focused on the right audience: Likewise, knowing the client or the user is extremely important. Sex, age, nationality… everything counts when designing your creative banners. And obviously, knowing what the tastes and interests of the users are, will be clues that will help you to create the successful banner.
  3. Clear message: The message you decide to include in your banner should be brief and direct, but above all, should not create confusion. In addition, it is also advisable to include a call to action that immediately captures the user’s attention (“Click here”, “Ask for free samples”, “Try our product”…). The option of creating several ads with variations of the main message also helps, as this will give you more chances to reach your potential audience. That is, create several versions of the same banner, to measure the effectiveness of each one and know which works best.
  4. Attractive design: The design should be striking, dynamic and creative. In addition, it’s important to decide if your banner will be static or in motion. Static banners should be very striking and should include a very powerful and clear message, as they are more likely to go unnoticed than animated ones. Also make sure that the banner identifies the brand of your company so that the user doesn’t have any confusion.

These are the basic steps that all creative banners should take into account. However, today, the current trend goes further. The companies try to make the experience of the users exceptional by offering them, even, the opportunity to participate in the same banner.

The traditional banners are transformed, as well, into audiovisual elements that use a great design and with increasing possibilities of interaction in search of the desired click of the user.

20 examples of creative banners

With a bit of imagination you can create very original banners and stop boring with the typical banners that nobody pays attention to. Next, we show you 20 creative banners to inspire you for your online marketing campaigns. These are special pieces that show that a banner can be a great ad:

1.- Volkswagen

creative banner

Volkswagen offers a game to visitors who come to web pages where they display this banner. As if it were a puzzle, the user is encouraged to place all the pieces of the road correctly so that they fit and the car can make its way.

To make the game more fun the company puts a limit of 30 seconds to perform the puzzle. An ideal way to incorporate the concept of urgency to a fully interactive banner.

2.- Audi

creative banner

Meanwhile, through this banner, Audi offers the possibility of making the user feel as if he were driving the car himself. You only have to position the mouse on the steering wheel and as you turn to the right or to the left, all the elements of the web page will also slide to one side or the other with your movements.

3.- GlaxoSmithKline

creative banner

GlaxoSmithKline is a British pharmaceutical company that uses creative banners like this one, in which inside a head several people are shown dancing to the rhythm of loud music. In this way, it offers the possibility for the user to drag the aspirin into the mouth of the person and once inside, all music ceases and people disappear.

A more than interesting way to demonstrate to users the effectiveness of their products and how, in a simple way, stop the pain immediately.

4.- MetLife

Metlife is a life and accident insurance company that used an interactive banner to support its “I can do this” campaign. The banner asked the user to help Schroeder, Peanuts character, to achieve a magnificent piano performance. By clicking it begins the interpretation and you have to use the computer keyboard as if it were a piano. At the end of the performance a score is achieved.

5.- Amnistía Internacional

creative bannercreative banner

Just by clicking on this banner, from Amnesty International you present the classic “hangman game”. In this way, they encourage the user to become a free writer by allowing them to create a phrase with a great message at the end.

6.- Brastemp

creative bannercreative banner

The Brastemp company uses this banner to make users aware of the importance of water purifiers because water can be contaminated with multiple bacteria.

In this banner the user is invited to place the mouse in the stream of water that is seen and once placed there, immediately a phrase comes out saying that at the moment you have touched the water, it has stopped being 100% pure and free of bacteria.

7.- Ikea


Ikea is a company known for the fact that you assemble your furniture yourself. That is the concept of some of its best creative banners. This banner in particular encourages you to assemble the banner yourself to save money.

When you click on the banner you start assembling it and once assembled you find an offer on one of its products. In the video, different creative banners of the same campaign are shown.

8.- Kellogg’s

creative banner creative banner

In a simple and very graphic way, Kellogg’s makes us see with this banner that with the fiber that their product brings, things go well.

However, when you move the cursor downwards, when the fiber disappears (the product is no longer there), a jumble of interlaced tubes appears that simulate the intestine making you see that everything is stuck.

9.- FIAT

creative bannercreative banner

In a very intelligent way, Fiat puts on the table the debate on the incompatibility of alcohol and driving. In this banner the user is encouraged to drag the cursor down to finish all the beer but at the same time the car that appears next to it, is crushed, in reference to how dangerous it is to drive if you drink alcoholic drinks.

10- Fedex

creative banner

In the case of Fedex, a courier company, its creative banner consists of showing the time it is in order to demonstrate that they always arrive on time.

Playing with images of packages and the arms that move them, the numbers that constitute the time, minutes and seconds of the moment in which the advertisement is displayed, are created.

11.- Aides.org

creative banner

With this banner, Aides association tries to convey the importance of protection against AIDS in sexual relations with the use of condoms.

The image shows an animation that the user directs with the mouse, in which a penis seeks sexual relations, but nobody pays attention until a condom is put on.

12.- Coca Cola

creative banner

Through this banner Coca Cola mixed technology with the images of a 1971 ad. The only difference is that this time users could buy a coca cola to give to another user even if it was on the other side of the world.

13.- Bacardí

creative banner

Bacardí is another brand that takes advantage of the pull of interactivity in its creative banners. In this specific case, they propose a series of strings that throw different sounds and with which the users can get to build their own melodies.

14.- McDonalds

creative banner

Starting from the slogan “We love making things better” McDonalds proposes the users to improve their burgers. To do this, the hamburger is shown on the banner next to the “Make it better” button. When you click on the button, the background changes, adding improvements, but the hamburger remains the same. The concept they want to sell from McDonalds: their product is unbeatable.

15.- Lipton

creative banner

In this banner Lipton allows the user to write any letter in the space proposed. Once a letter or another is chosen from the tea brand, different ways of coping with the heat are shown with some activity that begins with the letter that the user has chosen. For example, sitting in an ice cube with the S. It is, when writing the L, that the idea to cool off is Lipton Ice Tea, saying that “now this is the way to stay cool”.

16.- Vizir

creative banner

Vizir is a detergent brand that challenges you to discover how dirty the back of your cursor is. Placing the cursor where indicated, shows the back of the dirty cursor and then puts the courses in a washing machine and washes it with Vizir, leaving it gleaming.

17.- Gatorade

creative banner creative banner

The Gatorade banner shows an animation in which a fallen articulated doll that the user can give life if he clicks on the arrow that shows the isotonic drink. In this way energy is given to the doll that acquires different postures and forms showing the possibility of carrying out multiple sports activities.

18.- Nissan

creative banner

With this banner Nissan shows the importance of using the seatbelt in vehicles using its own logo. The banner is composed of two images that are one below the other. Above, appears the modified Nissan logo in which there is a belt with the motto “Buckle the belt”. At the same time, below is the image of a girl with a bruised face. By buckling the belt, the Nissan logo is completed with the slogan “Change the way you move.” After fastening the belt, the image of the girl changes when her wounds disappear.

19- Think de IBM

creative banner

To advertise its Think app, IBM bets to a banner in which the user has to participate. In this creativity, IBM invites you to follow the sequence, “IBM invites you to… follow the sequence”. When you follow it and guess it, the letters, that in the end make up the word “think”, are revealed.

20- SnackToolscreative banner

SnackTools se dedica al desarrollo de herramientas web. Para publicitar su herramienta para crear banners se apoyó en una creatividad muy original. El banner consiste en un botón rojo que no se debe pulsar. Evidentemente provoca que el usuario quiera pulsarlo. Al hacerlo, van apareciendo mensajes que solicitan al usuario que deje de pulsarlo en un juego interactivo que sigue provocando que el usuario pulse. Al finalizar, el botón rojo te llevará a la web del anunciante.

Estos veinte banners creativos son ejemplos de cómo atrapar al usuario utilizando diferentes técnicas que tienen en común que buscan la participación activa de los usuarios. ¿Conoces otros banners creativos que merezca la pena mostrar?

SnackTools is dedicated to the development of web tools. To publicize its tool to create banners, it relied on a very original creativity. The banner consists of a red button that should not be pressed. Obviously it causes the user to want to press it. When doing so, messages are appearing asking the user to stop pressing it in an interactive game that keeps on causing the user to press. When finished, the red button will take you to the advertiser’s website.

These twenty creative banners are examples of how to catch the user using different common techniques that seek the active participation of users. Do you know other creative banners that are worth showing?

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