12 tools to create digital content

September 20, 2018
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Each day, you can find more and more tools in the market, to create digital content. Apps to create infographics, to improve your images, professional platforms for landing pages or tools to share documents in a team setting, are some of the categories that need to be known, to incorporate them to your digital marketing strategies.

These are 12 tools to create digital content, that will help you generate more adequate content, to improve your company’s image in the digital scene and to get more traffic and leads.

1.- Canva

Canva is one of the most used tools to create digital content. Its powerful system allows the creation of all types of images.

The users that use Canva, have the opportunity to create predetermined images from standard sizes. Also, images can be created in the style of slideshows or infographics. Canva also offers the possibility of creating images in an adequate size that social media sites like Twitter and Instagram use.

2.- Evernote

Evernote is the digital platform that works as a notepad. You can make any type of content to work on it or to be accessed at a later time. Evernote transforms whatever you want in a note. Also, it offers the possibility of being the best reminder for the tasks to do.

Evernote is ideal to create digital content and it’s available for all devices: PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Its variety of features, to work from anywhere in the world makes Evernote one of the tools to have in mind.

Evernote offers an exclusive enterprise version, where all the features like the notepad and corporative documentation are improved.

For premium users, Evernote offers unlimited note storage and the possibility to add up to 1GB of new content each month. It also notes sharing, in the desktop and mobile versions.

3.- Fotojet

Fotojet is an app that allows the conversion of images in works of art. It’s a tool to create fulfilling digital content. It offers the possibility to edit pictures, design graphics and to create picture collages.

Fotojet allows the creation of picture montages that can be shared. It’s a tool that offers incredible edition options. Its potential comes from the fact that it provides more than 600 collage templates and themes for its users. This huge catalog allows the creation of greeting, anniversary, postal cards, and also covers for magazines.

Fotojet is a complete graphic design, photo editing, and collage tool. Its technical features don’t diminish just because it’s an online tool, it offers whatever any of the well-known desktop tools offer.

4.- Google Drive

Google Drive is a very powerful Google Tool, that allows the access to your documents in any space. Drive is one of the biggest storage folders and digital document creator in the web.

The tool is ideal to work in a team setting. The creation of word documents, spreadsheets, or even forms can be done with Google Drive. Also, this app allows the sharing of all the documents, with any user.

Likewise, Google Drive is an adequate tool to store documents in picture or text format. The ability to share documents through a simple link, makes it one of the most essential tools in a teamwork setting.

5.- Infogram

One of the most appreciated types of content is a good graphic to explain data. Infogram is really attractive data posting tool. Showing visual data, is something companies need to tell a story. And the users ask for it and appreciate this.

With this tool, you can make your data look even better, using the 3 principles shown below:

  1. It tells a better story.
  2. Beautiful posts
  3. Connects your data

These 3 Infogram principles have, as an objective, to provide the best data sharing service in the web, to its users.

Some of the brands that use Infogram are, The Sydney Morning Herald, Google, The Business Journals, LinkedIn, Shazam, Pharma Intelligence and Skyscanner. Companies with a huge potential, that trust in the value of tools such as Infogram, to create digital content.

6.- Landing Optimizer

The professional landing page generator software by MDirector is in charge of making the creation of your landing pages easier. A well-designed landing page with set goals, is the most efficient tool to get conversions.

With Landing Optimizer you’ll be able to optimize your landing pages for desktops and mobile devices, in just a few minutes. Easily create captivating pages, without previous tech knowledge, because Landing Optimizer works as a drag & drop editor.

Also, this landing page platform offers a wide variety of the best and professionally designed templates. It will help you to greatly increase your conversions, due to the ability to make A/B tests of all the different elements that shape a landing page.

7.- Piktochart

Create infographics is one of the most interesting ways to summarize text content in picture form. Piktochart is an ideal tool to give your site, content in the form of infographics. With this tool, you’ll be able to create pictures that offer content, inform and provide a visual capacity in your web environment.

Piktochart makes doing infographics easy. The app takes advantage of templates to provide ease of access in the time of infographics creation.

But Piktochart can’t only make infographics. It also offers the change to create posters, slideshows, and reports. That’s why, companies such as The Guardian, Forbes, Survey Monkey, MOZ, Booking, TechCrunch and Typeform include Pikctochart among their tool collection for digital content.

8.- Slideshare

Slideshows are one of the most useful and visual resources. Many companies and users, take advantage of the slideshows to present their products and services. Slideshare, which became part of the Linkedin ecosystem many years ago, gives everyone the chance to create digital slideshows about almost any type of content.

For it, slideshows, infographics, documents and other digital content, can be done in a very simple and easy to use web environment. Slideshare is the most used tool to share your knowledge through slideshows.

Also, the slideshows created in Slideshare can be shared, inserted or attached, to give your websites, landing pages, and web environments, new and valuable content.

9.- Email marketing software by MDirector

A good email marketing strategy can’t be done without an adequate email platform. MDirector gives at your disposition this software for you to be able to configure your email marketing campaigns and to reach your clients in the best possible way. Get new leads, convert the ones you already have and take care of your brand’s image with an email marketing strategy you have never used before.

For it, you can take advantage of the templates provided by the email campaign generator by MDirector. Also, you’ll be able to analyze and do A/B tests in a very simple manner.

With the email marketing software by MDirector you’ll be able to communicate and earn your client’s loyalty, by sending your newsfeed in a very personal way. And all this, with the possibility of working a real Cross-Channel Marketing strategy.

10.- Storify

Storify is an ideal tool to create campaigns with hashtag content, live blogging, Q&A or breaking news. This tool allows a real-time collaboration between different users. Helps many editors to update and create at the same time, different stories from anywhere and at any time.

On of Storify advantages is that you can group content from very different sources, proving value not so much in the creation of the content than the leak.

11.- Thinglink

With Thinglink you can create videos, images, and 360º/VR. This tool adds three editors so you can create intuitive and interactive content.

With Thinglink you can add up to 70 types of calls for action, in the form of links, text, video, images, audio, social media, e-commerce or maps. This wide array of content is one of the advantages of using Thinglink, to create content in the easiest and most efficient way.

12.- Videolean

Videolean is another tool to create digital content in a digital video format. It offers one of the easiest and accessible ways to create professional videos.

Videolean, as other online editors, base its way of generating content in a determined number of templates. Create images and videos from the video generator of Videolean is way easier and efficient than with other tools.

Among the brands that use this system are, Jimdo, Telefónica, Grifols, TechCity, Wayra, and Anida.

These are some of the 12 best tools to create digital content in the market. With them, you’ll be able to create images, videos, email or landing pages in a professional manner. And is some cases in a more budget-friendly way than other desktop software.

Other ways to create content is through the content marketing platform by Coobis, that’ll help you get in contact with a big list of mediums with which you’ll be able to collaborate and get good brand exposure.

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