10 tips to rank your Facebook Fan Page

October 23, 2018
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Rank a Fan Page in Facebook is one of the Community Manager’s priorities, from all the top brands. Social media growth isn’t slowing down. That’s why, with all the advancements and novelties, and how the users interact with them, it’s hard to think no one cares about them anymore.

Haven’t you asked yourself before why there are more brands looking to get a well ranked Fan Page? The best answer is given by IAB: At least an 81% of the users, use Facebook to follow a brand. And they do it for the following reasons:

  • They want to kept informed about the brand’s new products and services.
  • They want to know more about the news related to the brand’s philosophy.
  • They have a bond with the brand because they like it.
  • To participate in sweepstakes and find discounts.
  • Learn how the brand works.
  • To purchase
  • To access the SAC

As you can see, the users have very clear ideas and know what they are looking for in your brand. So much, that if you can’t provide any of it, they will start leaving your channels, the ones you use to communicate with them.

Facebook is crucial for many brands. 65% of the users admit that they have been affected by the marketing from some brands. The thing that led them to get one of their products. Do you think your brand can do the same?

How to rank a Fan Page

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Nowadays, thanks to the advancements in technology, there has been a change, in the way the brands share their products and in the way they do marketing. We’ve become digital beings, that navigate naturally through the online world.

Social media are the favorite places to be, for many people in this digital environment. That’s why, the things that help rank, aren’t only a thing of these websites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… The brands are everywhere. And they are looking to find a privileged spot in each platform.

But, you need to remember, that each strategy needs to be built from the ground up. And in this case, to rank a Fan Page in Facebook, you will need to take care and establish many aspects beforehand. In fact, there are many factors that play a part in this.

To help you understand and to help you start with the correct strategy to rank a Fan Page in Facebook, you can check the following 10 tips. Work on each section, adapt it to your needs and soon you’ll start noticing changes.

1.- Fill in all the info fields

At the time you are about to create a page, Facebook asks you to fill in a certain number of info fields. Not all of them are required, but we advise to fill most of them, all this to get a better performance.

You’ll find fields such as general info, your business’ history or when was it founded. Don’t underestimate these options. Usually, they aren’t given the importance they deserve because we think it won’t affect our Fan Page’s Success. But you have to understand that they are quite important.

To help you understand it better, think about your target audience. It’s going to be hard to find it if you barely have any information about them, right? That’s why you need to know all the details that make them tick, and also their interests. The same goes for your Facebook page. The more data you provide about your business, the easier it’ll be for the users to find your brand.

That’s why, if you already have a live Fan Page, make sure that you fill all the fields. And of course, add links to all your platforms. Mainly, all the ones that belong to you:

  • Your website.
  • Blog.
  • A direct link to a landing page for your products and services.
  • Your contact info page.
  • The data of all the different profiles of your social media in which your brand is represented.


2.- Choose a proper name

Ranking a Fan Page should be as simple as including keywords that better define your business or activity. But, where? Start with the name.

One of the most common mistakes is to constantly change the name. To start off, users won’t know how to find your brand again. And second, the reach of all your posts could suffer a prolonged downgrade. The best option is to choose the best name, a name you’ll always use, from the beginning.

Your name is the one that represents your brand, your essence, and your values. Try to make it direct, concise and easy to remember. And avoid using symbols. If you want to check if you can use the name you thought about, use the Name Checker app, to find out if it’s available.  It’s the safest bet.

Another advice is to use the same name in all social media. Besides ranking your Fan Page, you’ll get more people remembering your brand. Being at the top of mind of your target audience is one of the most important things for any brand. Make sure the name is easy to remember and readily available.

3.- Use keywords in all of your Fan Page

As with any other digital space, the choice of adequate keywords is the most important step to rank a Fan Page. This process should start with the name, but it doesn’t end there.

Make sure to include all the chosen keywords in all the available spaces: From a vanity URL, up to the description. Or any other space. Also. Don’t forget to use keywords in some of the updates in your Fan Page. If they are so important to your brand, is a no-brainer to use them almost daily.

4.- Create a personalized URL

Don’t conform with Facebook’s standard URL. One of the most interesting options of this web is that you can create a personalized, unique and nontransferable URL for your company’s page.

Having in mind the value that URLs present to search engines, you’ll need to put special attention in the selection of that URL. To rank a Fan Page, is important to choose a correct Vanity URL. Once you’ve added it, you won’t be able to change it for a while.

How to do it?
  1. Visit Facebook.com/Username, to see some available options for your username and Facebook name.
  2. In the case of having many Fan Pages, choose your company’s page in the drop-down menu.
  3. Add the desired name in the box.

Remember, that you need to add a brief description, no more than 160 characters, to describe your URL. Remember to introduce the keywords.

5.- Use direct and precise text

The first characters of your posts are the most seen. That’s why you must be careful and focus on what’s important. Always try that your first phrase, includes some keywords and that it briefly explains the most important thing about your post.

6.- Provide multimedia Content

The success of visual social media has demonstrated that videos and pictures are an excellent way to get attention. Thus, fomenting engagement.

Also, the Facebook pages containing pictures, get 53% more likes than the ones without them, according to HubSpot.

From there, we can see the importance that pictures and videos have regarding the EdgeRank of the updates. Helping in the increasing of the redistribution of content.

7.- Promote interaction

Social media are spaces created to interact. And as such, promoting participation. Facebook provides tools to help followers interact with your brand.

Nonetheless, although the questions you might ask could look very cold, a careful planning will allow you to get the required information about your fans and get efficient and real interactions.

8.- Natural linkbuilding, get links from other sources

As seen with the SEO of web searches, getting links to your page is interesting. It hasn’t been proved that the linkbuilding techniques work to rank a Fan Page. But, it’s always positive to get other people to send their links to your content.

Also, what looks to influence the ranking on Facebook is the search history. So, if one user searches your brand and visits your Fan Page, the same search engine will favor your page in future searches.

9.- Link your Facebook page in your websites

The easiest thing to do, to get a better rank a Fan Page, is to use your own resources. The same way as in step 1, we advise you to add links to all your websites, they have to lead the user to your Facebook page. Thus, the users will be able to connect with you in a very simple manner.

As you can see, there are many different techniques to rank in a Fan Page in Facebook. All of them will help you improve the exposure of your brand to the biggest social media site today. You’ll save managing time and you’ll achieve a constant presence and activity in Facebook.

10.- Use Facebook Ads

In the same way in Google ranking when investing in Adwords, betting on using correct and well segmented Facebook Ads campaigns, will help you improve your ranking in the Facebook search engine.

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